The Opening of Oh! Boba

Athena ScalziThis past weekend, I went to the ribbon cutting ceremony of a new boba tea shop. The area in which I live is not particularly well known for its boba places, so this was quite exciting as someone who loves the stuff. Prior to this place opening in Troy about thirty minutes from me, the closest place was an hour away in Dayton. I can’t express how nice it is to not have to drive all the way to Dayton just for a drink.

Their opening was highly anticipated, especially because they opened up right in the center square of downtown, which is pretty much the best location a business owner in Troy could hope for. So I made it a point to go to their ribbon cutting ceremony, and it was quite nice!

A crowd of people standing outside the storefront of Oh! Boba. They are pulling the ribbon tightly so it may be cut with the giant scissors.

As you can see, everyone wanted to catch the special theatrical moment on camera. I know I did, as I have only ever seen ribbon cutting with giant scissors in movies and TV. Where do you even buy scissors like that?

The whole town’s committee and mayor was there, congratulating the owners and workers on their opening.

After they cut the ribbon, everyone lined up, and the line went all the way out to the parking lot! It was huge (and I was pretty damn close the end), but the wait was totally worth it.

Also, the windows out front had the cutest displays!

A window display of several different boba teas sitting on clear shelves. There's also other products they sell, like their bubble waffles, accompanying the bobas on the display shelves.

Another window display, this one is full of plushies that are boba teas. There's several extra large ones and the some smaller ones.

(One of the plushies (the odd one out) is a Squishmallow named Jakarria, and I have her, too.)

Once I got inside the actual building, I was instructed to pick a Ping Pong ball out of a box. If the ball had a number on it, you won a prize! There was a one hundred dollar gift card to the shop, several Oh! Boba cups, a bunch of super cute glass strawberry cups, as well as some adorable boba pins. I got a pin, but the little girl in front of me managed to get the one hundred dollar gift card! She was so excited.

I ordered a tiger milk tea with tapioca pearl boba, and my friend got strawberry milk tea with blueberry popping boba.

Two boba teas next to each other on a wooden counter. One is beige with black boba at the bottom, the other is pink with a slightly bluer black boba at the bottom.

For their opening weekend they were having a special flavor, birthday cake, which I was going to try but decided against at the last minute. They said they will be bringing it back next year for their anniversary, though, so maybe I’ll try it then.

Besides the tea, I also got their Biscoff Crunch bubble waffle!

Me holding a cup with the bubble waffle in it, the Oh! Boba storefront and sign in the background. The bubble waffle has Biscoff cookies and whipped cream on it.

It comes with Biscoff cookies, whipped cream, sprinkles, and Biscoff crumbles. It was so tasty! Kind of complicated to eat, though. Especially because it overflows out of the cup. But it was yummy, so it’s okay.

The milk tea and the waffle were both six dollars each. If you’re not a big fan of milk tea or waffles but still want to check the place out, they have sparkling drinks, too! I tried out their After the Rain one, which was blue curacao flavor. It was so refreshing!

A clear plastic cup filled with translucent dark blue liquid with lemon slices in it.

They even have some sugar free options.

All in all, this place totally rocks, and I will definitely be frequenting it. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. They’re open everyday of the week from 11am to 8pm, which is super convenient. I’m really happy this place exists, and I can’t wait to continue supporting it.

Do you like milk tea? Would you try a bubble waffle? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!


12 Comments on “The Opening of Oh! Boba”

  1. “I have only ever seen ribbon cutting with giant scissors in movies and TV. Where do you even buy scissors like that?”

    Well, Amazon has 185 results for “giant scissors for ribbon cutting ceremony,” just in case Y’all might need them for whatever you’re going to do with that church building.

  2. I love boba, but I almost always get traditional Thai iced tea—with the condensed milk, of course—and the tapioca bobas

  3. I love Boba tea, and I used to have a job which involved going to many Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremonies, where everyone wanted to be the one to use the giant scissors. They also had a giant gavel for fun at meetings.

    I haven’t had boba tea in a long time, because like you, there wasn’t one near me. Or at least not that I’ve ever bothered to look for. So now I’m going to look for one, thanks!

  4. I don’t care for milk tea, but most boba places also do smoothies. I would definitely try a bubble waffle- but might ask for it in a bowl for easier consumption.

  5. at every Walmart you can find giant scissors are next to the oversized pencils and to the left of the too-big-for-my-car-mirror fuzzy dice

    hmmm… yeah… that’s what the Scalzi Non-Church is for… “Boba Fett: The Musical”


    “Bacon Cat: The Burrito Prince of Ohio” a gastrointestinal tragedy in five acts by William Shakespeare (as revised by Clan Scalzi)

  6. I opened this first thing in the morning and my first thought was that this was the surprise purpose of the church.

    That aside, I love boba and might have had a dream about it last night.

  7. Is the After the Rain drink the one that your car floorboard rudely grabbed from you? Or is that the replacement?

  8. @ james e jackson, yes it is the one I spilled in my car, I had to immediately walk back in and buy a replacement :(

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