Minor Housekeeping Note Re: AMP

Which is: I’ve turned it off because the AMP theme I was using wasn’t playing nice with desktop views, and I don’t really want to switch over to a new AMP theme because the primary theme I use works fine with phones/tablets and there is no longer any Google penalty for not using AMP. So, out the window it goes.

If you’re reading this site on your mobile device you might notice it looking different (and more like the desktop version); if you’re reading exclusively on the desktop (or getting RSS or email delivery) you probably won’t notice anything different at all. And of course if you have no idea what AMP is in the first place then you don’t need to worry about it, please continue in your blessed state.

— JS

9 Comments on “Minor Housekeeping Note Re: AMP”

  1. At least I’m noticing a difference on email delivery.

    Word wrap now works properly in the emails. Previously, if my preview window wasn’t big enough, I had to scroll side to side. Now I don’t.

  2. Continuing in my blessed state…
    Sunsets and Athenas and puppers and kittycats and Krissys and music and Big Ideas and Whatevers all arriving unimpeded…

    Have a pleasant unimpeded evening!

  3. Count me among the blessedly ignorant, blessedly cell-phone-less, and quite happy about both.

    But for those for whom the change (whatever it is) makes a difference, I hope it is a positive one.

  4. Happy to lose my innocence, I finally bought a brand new cellular telephone. It opens up like Captain Kirk’s communicator, and when I close it, it is nice and bulky, just like a mark I phaser. So cool!

    … Now I just have to haunt the flea markets to find a holster for it—a slide rule holster would be too thin.

  5. I yearn for the olden days when I could write the code for my website myself with good ol’ html. But those days are long gone and I haven’t bothered keeping up. I still am prejudiced against “do it for you” website building but oh well. I’m using WordPress now (though I do have a lot of stuff disabled). Thank the gods that my website plays well with cell phones without my having to do anything.

  6. On the one hand, I deeply WISH that I did not know what AMP was.

    On the other hand, aside from “include this special AMP script”, the rules Google had for creating AMP were just general good advice for creating fast web pages in the modern era.

    On the gripping hand, it was essentially the same advice about creating good web pages that I read around the year 200.

  7. I usually read the RSS feed, but loaded the site from my phone to take a look. Loads support fast, even without AMP!