View From a Hotel Window 10/7/22: NYC

And I look to have parked myself (get it) across from the single largest parking lot on the entire island of Manhattan. Go, me!

I am town for New York Comic Con, and you can see me today at 1pm, as I do a signing at the Tor booth (#3027, if memory serves), and then on Sunday at 3:45, as I do a panel called “The Future is Not Unwritten” with Neon Yang, Jennifer Marie Brissett and Tochi Onyebuchi. That’s a terrific lineup. See you folks there!

— JS

9 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 10/7/22: NYC”

  1. Another beautiful view of a parking lot. ;>)

    I hope you have a great time. I love the cosplay costumes of the comic cons. Watch out for the female Klingons.

  2. This is the delightful “Views From A Hotel Window” we’ve come to expect from you! :)

  3. a) Eat a real bagel….

    Much like pizza these days, a lot of places trading on reputation.

  4. Congratulations on your excellent view! I hope that you enjoy yourself whilst in New York. I’ll be looking forward to your account of the convention.

  5. You picked the right weekend to come (or at least, the right Friday). It’s absolutely gorgeous, sunny with a high of 77 predicted. Granted, it will be back to 59 tomorrow, but enjoy today!

  6. A pitch for a FREE tour of something unique:

    The New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Gold Vault.

    Unfortunately not offered at this moment but your next visit to NYC.

    Let your mind ponder how you will NOT be able to break in.

    One does not need high tech to protect valuables, the simpler the much more difficult it is to crack.

    And the cost to rent a cell? Free!

  7. the single most effective defense for the gold being the heft of the stuff… a metric ton of gold bars is only [checks spot price per gram multiplies by a million] about $62,000,000

    given the challenges nobody would just seek to take a paltry five megabucks… rather the cost-vs-risk-vs-benefit-vs-logistics oblige a minimum haul of five tons ($300 megabucks retail)… though gold is a fungible commodity stealing so much makes it necessary to store it for years and trickle it into the marketplace… result being fees charged by large scale fencing operations trims off 60% to 80% so your reward for risking nasty bullets ‘n howling sirens ‘n relentless pursuit for the next 40 years would only be $60 megabucks to 120 megabucks…

    easier to go to law school… get hired by Goldman Sachs… become an amoral corporate raider… do your thieving legally…

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