Hey, Ohioans: Today is the Last Day to Register to Vote (for the Nov. 8 election)

If you live in Ohio, are a US citizen and are over 18, you should register to vote. And if you are registered to vote, you should check your registration status to make sure that indeed you are still registered to vote, and if not, to re-register. Fortunately you can do both online here: https://olvr.ohiosos.gov/

Get it done, this is a preeeety important election, folks.

If you’re not in Ohio, but are a US citizen, you should also register to vote/check your registration. Here’s a link to do that: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote

Vote, folks. There are other things you can do, too, but voting surely is one of the most important ones.

— JS

10 Comments on “Hey, Ohioans: Today is the Last Day to Register to Vote (for the Nov. 8 election)”

  1. it could well all end in tears… but if we do not stop the barbarians it could end in chains… so… please vote

    (please note there was no naming-of-names nor rude insulting labels, and yet you know of whom I speak)

  2. And if you’re not an Ohioan, and not a US citizen, make sure you’re appropriately registered so that you can vote wherever you ARE entitled to vote! Voting is important everywhere (though perhaps not as vital in most places as this November in the US).

  3. I think the 1864 election was the most perilous for our country’s survival (thanks go out to John Bell Hood for losing Atlanta and destroying 1/6 of his own army, helping to swing the vote to Lincoln). However, this one – and the 2024 one – will also be very important in defining the US’s future.

    I suspect that EVERY presidential and congressional election is going to be very important for a decade or two. We’re in the middle of Heinlein’s Crazy Years and this is just the buildup to the Scudder campaign.

  4. Please don’t act as if this election and the ones to come are things you can sit out. Folks who deny Biden won the 2020 presidential election are running to make sure future elections go their way. And don’t forget the authoritarian fascist crazies running for both local and state government seats. Do you want such nutters ruining your future?

  5. Thanks for the reminder– of course I’m already registered, but I needed to hit my county’s Board of Elections site and get them to send out my mail-in ballot with enough time to process it and send the thing to me. Done!

  6. Just checked my registration, and Yes, I’m registered!

    Interestingly enough, thanks to gerrymandering, I now live in the 8th District of Ohio (I used to be in the 1st), which I believe is the District you’re in, John. If you want to run for Congress, I’ll certainly vote for you!!

  7. I have been registered to vote since shortly after I turned 18 in 1986 and have voted in every national election since then. I encourage all my friends to vote too, even when I either know or strongly suspect that I don’t approve of their voting choices.

  8. I’m an Ohioan abroad, and I’ve registered, received my absentee ballot, and mailed it out last week! Fingers crossed!!!

  9. I’m registered here in CA. I’m in a red county with a QOP representative that needs to be voted out, as he thinks he only represents rich white males. When I write to him about my concerns, he dismisses them. It’s insulting. He is a fan of the Velveeta Voldemort.

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