Beware! Kaiju!

This motley assemblage of very large beasts greeted me at the bar I went to for an aftershow meetup, following the event with me and Andy Weir in Louisville. The bar, appropriately enough, was called Kaiju, and was possibly the hippest bar I’ve gone to in years. Which is admittedly not saying much as I don’t drink and almost never go to bars outside of convention spaces. But even so! Cool place, nice toys, got the t-shirt.

Tonight I am in Lexington, interviewing Neon Yang about their new novel The Genesis of Misery. We’ll be at the Joseph-Beth at 7pm. Please come say hello to us!

— JS

6 Comments on “Beware! Kaiju!”

  1. Not positive from this angle, but that looks the like Tallgeese mobile suit from Gundam Wing floating above the Kaiju

  2. I haven’t lived in Lexington for probably 30 years, but I still have fond memories of Joseph Beth!