Trying More Misaky Tokyo!

Athena ScalziHello, everyone! You might remember back in July, I posted a piece over these edible crystal candies I found, made by a company called Misaky Tokyo.

Back in September, the company reached out to me and said that a few of their recent customers mentioned that they found out about them through my blog post, and they wanted to send me a box of their candy as a thank you for posting about them. So, if you were someone that mentioned my blog post to them, thank you so so much!

I was very excited to receive this offer from them, because not only did I enjoy their Pride Box that I posted about, but I also enjoyed their Wishing Star Box about a month later. I didn’t post about that one because I shared it with two of my friends, but I will say it was super good and had some really great flavors like white peach and black currant, lavender and coconut, and blueberry.

Moving on, they ended up sending me not just one, but two boxes! One was their Tea O’ Clock box, and the other was their new Halloween set, Treat or Treat! Which is funny because I was actually planning to buy the tea set one anyway, so lucky me!

Before we continue, I will say that even though I received these products for free, it will not influence my review over them. I am grateful to have received the items, but being truthful about them is important to me, so this is an honest product review!

In my first post over them, I mentioned how cute the rainbow ribbon was on the box. Turns out all the boxes come with ribbons! The tea one had an aesthetically matching brown ribbon, and the Halloween one had a cute sparkly black one.

Two dark green candy boxes, both with Misaky printed on the front in red letters. The box on the left has a sparkly black ribbon around it, and the one on the right has a light brown ribbon.

I decided to try the Halloween box first, so I set up some props to enhance the spooky vibes.

The candy box, now open, sitting between a zombie bobblehead and a fake human skull. Five pieces of candy sit inside the box. One is a black ghost with white eyes, a hexagonal yellow gem, a red one that looks like rock candy with a black bat on top, a purple coffin, and a hexagonal brown gemstone with orange pieces on top. The flavor card sits between the candies and the lid.

Then I realized you couldn’t really see the flavor card and its descriptions, so I took a closer shot.

All five pieces of candy laid out alongside each of their images on the flavor card. The ghost is all the way on the left, the bat is above it in the center, the aventurine is at the top right of the flavor card, and below that is the coffin in the bottom right, and finally the gardenia crystal is between the ghost and the coffin.

As you can see, the ghost is hazelnut and vanilla, the gardenia is coconut and cinnamon, the coffin is sweet potato and pineapple, the aventurine is pumpkin and apple, and the bat is hibiscus and cranberry.

I thought the ghost was the cutest, so I started with that one. You know when you smell vanilla extract and it smells so dang good, but then tastes horrible? Well, this piece tastes like how vanilla extract should taste, like how it smells. As someone who loves vanilla a lot, this was a great piece to start with. It wasn’t overly sweet, but still conveyed that yummy vanilla flavor, and the eyes were extra crunchy.

I tried the aventurine next, and this one also had extra crunchy pieces on top! So that was nice. As for the flavor, it definitely has that classic fall flavor palette of warm spices and sweet apple. I was pleased with this one, as I generally really enjoy pumpkin flavored things.

Returning to the spooky ones, I gave the bat a try. You can probably tell from its appearance, but it was the crunchiest in the box! It was like biting into a pile of rock candy, so it was super satisfying. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the flavor, as I haven’t had many hibiscus flavored things and I generally don’t love cranberry, but this tasted like a fruit snack! It was sweet and fruity and made me think if they had Gushers for grownups, it’d be this.

The gardenia was next, and it was the thickest, most gummy-filled in the box. Besides being coconut flavored, it also had a layer of shredded coconut covering the bottom of it! I thought that was a great touch, both texturally and in terms of flavor. If you don’t like coconut, this one is not for you, as clearly it is very coconut-y. With coconut flavored things, I usually find the issue of them tasting like sunscreen. However, this one did not have that problem at all!

Finally, the coffin. Though this one was a bit on the thin side gummy-filling wise, it had a ton of crunchy pieces on top, and was the largest in size. This one was probably the least sweet in the box, as it had a mild ube flavor, so it was more subtle. Personally, I really like ube. It’s not usually a flavor I can get unless I eat Japanese sweets from snack boxes, so I’m always happy to have it.

So, there you have it! Each piece was a hit, and the special shapes of ghosts and coffins is a really fun touch. If you’re looking for a festive treat, maybe to serve at a Halloween party, this is a great option!

Of course, there’s also the tea box!

All five pieces of candy laid out on a saucer, arranged in a circular pattern. The saucer has black and gold detailing, and matches a teacup sitting next to it, filled with chai tea, which is dark brown in color. Next to both of those is a small glass hexagonal jar of honey with a yellow ribbon around it. There is also the flavor card laid out underneath the saucer.

I finally had a use for my teacup collection. I realized some of the flavor card got cut off, and the yellow one is a bit out of focus, so again I took a closer shot.

The five candies laid out next to the flavor card in a circular pattern. The matcha is a tear drop shape, dark green in color, with gold flecks on top. The strawberry rooibos is a red, rounded square with dried flowers on top. The thai tea is a yellowish brown rectangle, with a ton of dried yellow flowers on top. The chai tea is a tear drop shape as well, but much wider, like a fat tear drop. It also has gold on top, alongside a helping of crunchy bits. Finally, the earl grey and lavender piece is actually two pieces on top of each other. The bottom one is bluish purple colored and a roundish mound of the crystal candy, while the top piece is a dark brown color and hexagonal, with dried flowers on top.

This set had to be the most visually stunning I’ve seen yet! The gold and dried flowers really amped up the presentation.

Getting right into it, I started with the matcha because I’d already had this piece before in the Pride Box. I remember not liking it that much before, but it was a lot more pleasant this time. It was less bitter, and seemed more balanced. I still think it is very pretty appearance-wise, as it was the most visually pleasing in the Pride Box, but it has some pretty strong competition in this box.

I went counter clockwise through the circle, so the strawberry rooibos was next. I’ve never had rooibos tea, so I can’t speak as to how accurate it is, but it tasted light and fruity. This was another one where it makes me think of a grownup fruit snack, in the way that a charcuterie board is a grownup Lunchable. The dried flowers didn’t add anything flavor-wise, but were a fun addition nonetheless. Overall, I liked this one!

Next was the Thai tea. Y’all know I love some Thai iced tea. I will drink it basically any chance I get, and I love its unique flavor. This candy conveyed that special Thai tea flavor so well! I definitely enjoyed this one, but also had to brush off some of the flowers, as there were a few too many for my liking on top. Not that they tasted bad or anything, it’s just not something I’m used to consuming.

Okay, now for the one I was most excited for! The chai tea. I drink iced chai lattes almost daily, so I was extra stoked for this piece. Also, I think this one just might be my favorite appearance-wise. I am a huge fan of the gold, and I like the wide teardrop shape. Though I liked the flavor, I wouldn’t say it tasted like how I was expecting. It’s not like an iced chai latte, it tastes much more like a traditional cup of chai tea, like the one in the first photo I took, without all the milk and sugar. It was still sweet but more of a spiced flavor than what I’m used to since my chai comes from Starbucks.

Finally, the earl grey and lavender. This was the biggest piece in the box, and I realized it’s because its actually two pieces! The top one is the earl grey, and the bottom is the lavender. I actually had the lavender in the first box I tried as well, and just like before, it was super crunchy and the perfect blend of sweet and floral! Definitely a top contender for me, as I absolutely love lavender. The earl grey was a mild flavor with a nice touch of sweetness, a great compliment piece to the lavender, but the lavender piece was definitely the star here.

All in all another great box!

It’s hard to say which box I liked better, each had some really delicious pieces. And as much as I love the Halloween one for being festive, I also love the tea set one because I adore tea parties and collect teapots and teacups. Having nice treats at tea parties is a must, so definitely consider adding this box to your next one.

I can’t wait to see what set they come out with next!

Which set looks better to you? Which flavor would you have liked to try? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!

Oh and I replied to some comments on my last post, be sure to check and see if I replied to you!


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  1. I can see your career as an influencer starting to form! If you haven’t already set up a separate professional account on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., it might be time to start.
    Great job!
    (… and, if you are like me, always proofread twice! I found errors in my comment both times. 😉)

  2. Oh, I was somehow sure that the tea crystals were supposed to be dissolved in hot water. I pictured you drinking buckets of tea.
    But they’re candy, it seems. Very pretty candy. Good thing you knew!

  3. They are so special and different. A first class hostess gift! And I love their origin story too.

    Athena, if you’d like to try Frangos, you can order them from Macy’s. But wait until they’re on sale (which they are right now!). I buy a couple of boxes every so often to give as thank you gifts. Or nibble myself.

  4. Nice! I’d probably prefer the Halloween box.

    If you get a Sakuraco box, it may be my fault in part. I tell everyone that you were the impetus for me trying the boxes, which I will be getting until at least February (started last August). Thank you for your reviews. Mine aren’t nearly as interesting as yours. I do mine on Dreamwidth. (I should put more pics of our new kitten Monroe on there as I’ve papered Twitter with them.)

  5. OK, I meant to post this to this post, but got it on the crumble-cookei post by accident, hope it’s ok to repeat here:

    Local [ Charleston Bread ] bakery makes many breads and bagels, rarely a big Italian Cream Cake sold by the slice, and cookies and macaroons.

    Their favorite around our house is the Trail Mix Cookie, which is a big flat cookie loaded up with nuts and currant-like fruits. Sorta like oatmeal cookies but with a ton of additional tasty stuff with just enough batter to hold the nuts and dried fruit items together.

    One cookie with a cuppa coffee makes a nice light breakfast. They come individually or however many you want, I usually get 3 dozen bags and freeze two of them. Have to get an order in early, sold out every afternoon!

    Was founded by a former lawyer and head of the state reclamation board who decided to work for herself going forward. Wonderful person, great bakery!

  6. ROFL ==> “and the eyes were extra crunchy”

    which triggered me into mashing up the image of you folks in Ohio experiencing an approximate zombie-esque #WSCNs sub-variant long-ish covid with those slightly crazy #WSCNs suddenly begin shambling ever eastwards towards Washington… because there are no brains amongst their own kind

    …and now I got me a new nine volume saga to write… “The Walking Republican Dead” (“The Walking Brain-Dead Republicans”?)

  7. I am sorely tempted by the tea box…if I do give in and buy it for myself, I’ll be sure to mention I saw it here first!
    I also wanted to appreciate the tea cup in the first picture. And say that you have a good eye for framing your story visually. I’m enjoying both your descriptions and the beautiful images that go with them.

  8. You are a godsend! I have so much troubke thinking of presents, and your reviews makes it so much easier.

  9. I enjoyed your review, but your set decoration was great. That tea cup and saucer were beautiful.

  10. Nice. I bought the Tea box in September and enjoyed it – well, all but the matcha which was too strong for me. I found it too bitter, like it was just concentrated matcha in gel/gummy form.

    I’ve now bought 3 boxes (and gifted 2 others) all thanks to your initial review. :)

  11. These are really pretty and I’m curious about them. They are in that price range where I can’t imagine buying them just to eat but I can imagine buying them as a gift. But if I bought them for a close friend or family member they might offer me one, so win-win.

  12. @Gin, thank you! I have definitely thought about being one before.

    @Nancy McC, that’s an interesting idea though!

    @Roberta, thanks for the recommendation!

    @Freyja RN, thanks so much! :)

    @L, I actually have that already! :)

    @J R in WV, I love bakeries, thanks for the recommendation!

    @Howard_NYC, sounds like an average day in Ohio!

    @CWilliams, if you get it, I hope you love it! And thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

    @Barry, I’m so glad I could help!

    @CB MCGuire, thanks so much, that means a lot! I collect teacups and this set is one of my favorites. I got them from a local second-hand/antique sort of shop.

    @Tim M, wow I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying them so much! I’m happy I could introduce you to it :)

    @Gretchen Johnson, they are indeed very pretty, almost too pretty to eat! Also that’s a good plan you’ve concocted there.

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