Loitering in Paradise

I’m now in high school hometown of Claremont, kicking back outside with my laptop and writing on the novel, albeit not with any particular intensity at the moment. Write a paragraph, be mellow for a bit, write another paragraph, rinse, repeat. I’ll pick up the pace soon, but for today I’m happy to go at a slower pace. It’s been an enjoyable time in California so far.

That’s all I have for you today. Hope your day has been enjoyable as well.

— JS

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  1. Nice!

    I went to undergrad in Claremont. It is a pretty nice place to be mellow, especially if you like sunshine.

  2. Glad you are having a few enjoyable days, good for you! I’m in the CA Bay Area (San Jose) and it’s been a great few days, a little jump in the temperature as summer fights for a bit longer before Fall and cooler weather hits us harder.

    Does your mellowing include a glass of wine to sip on? Or just the sights around you keeping you in the zone?

  3. Scalzi is too gracious and high-minded to take note of this, but Vox Day has hit a rough spot.

    An attempt to make a right-wing superhero movie has ended in disaster, with $1 million missing in China and a participant facing a federal indictment.

  4. Wow quoting daily beast without any original sources. No wonder you’re losing the midterms degenerates.

  5. I also did my undergrad there, and one of the things I remember fondly is someone went around the campuses with a ton of googly eyes to put on the birds of paradise.

  6. I am the strange person who adores Birds of Paradise as their favorite flower. Roses, dusty pink, are my second. I envy you bring able to gaze upon them. Then again, during my jet-set days, I had plenty of time to smell the birds of paradise.

  7. Yep! Nice hike with L’Rell to 10,000 feet in Idaho before the snow comes next week. Gorgeous views.

  8. I’m another person who did undergraduate studies in Claremont, specifically at Claremont Men’s College (1970-1972). It’s now called “Claremont McKenna College,” and it’s co-ed.

    Several of the guys in the class ahead of me knew Robin Williams, who was only at CMC for one year. His name came up a few times when we were having Covid Zoom meetings – apparently he made just as much of an impression as one would expect.

  9. “There was a post on Balloon-Juice with more details about Ted Beale’s most recent boondoggle fraud”

    This story has all the ingredients we’ve come to associate with right-wingers of late: credulous troglodyte rubes, a proven failure in the book publishing/marketing department vowing to “own the libs”, a predatory cryptoscammer – culminating in vanishing money and sad losers left holding the bag.

    It’s almost like a pattern is repeating itself… now if I could only remember where I’ve seen it before… hmmm.

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