Tiger Tail and Moon Mist

John Scalzi

Here on Sunday at Hal-Con, and I was presented with two regional favorite ice creams: Tiger Tail, which is orange ice cream with a ribbon of black licorice, and Moon Mist, which is basically banana bubble gum. The Moon Mist was a little much for me — 11-year-old me, the one who would shove an entire package Bubble Yum into his mouth at one time, would have loved it — but the Tiger Tail was pretty great, and I ate the entire bowl presented to me. The was followed by probably the most intense sugar rush I’ve had in a decade. I’m back in my hotel room now, managing the crash.

Also, Hal-Con is now at its end, and I had a genuinely lovely time at it. Everyone was super nice, people seemed happy to see me, and the staff and volunteers were just terrific. As the kids would say, A++, terrific con, would attend again. Although next time I might not eat an entire pint of ice cream at one go. Time for a nap.


11 Comments on “Tiger Tail and Moon Mist”

  1. I love the concept of Tiger Tail, but I have only ever had bad, low quality Tiger Tail. Finding a high-quality implementation is on my dessert bucket list.

  2. Well since you’re obviously emailing Howard a pint of each, you might as well cc me. Not sure I’ll like ’em, but happy to try flavors I’ve never had.
    Also, being sick as a dog from eating a pint or two of ice cream has never stopped me from eating a pint or two of ice cream next time.

  3. Tiger Tail is arguably my favourite ice cream.
    I love black licorice (that red stuff that tastes like chemical fruit doesn’t count) & the fewer people who like it, the more for me, so keep on hating thanks.

    The Moon Mist looks… interesting.

  4. Moonmist is my all time favourite. It has patches of 3 different flavours; not bubble gum :)
    — Banana, Blueberry, and Grape.

  5. Orange+licorice is yet another indicator of weird Canadian tastes. Black licorice ice cream sounds way nasty, although a Provençal-ish anise+lavender+orange zest (and maybe some rosemary) sounds interesting.

    Orange ice cream (not sorbet) – that’s awesome, as are citrus ice creams generally. There used to be an ice cream manufacturer in Northern California called Three Twins, that made an orange ice cream (with orange zest; the zest makes the difference in any citrus ice cream) with chocolate chips that was exceptional. Sadly, that manufacturer is no more :-(

  6. Pro tip – if you mix Pastisse (French liquorice liqueur), Grand Marnier (orange liqueur) and whole milk or light cream, and serve very cold over ice, it tastes like Tiger ice cream.

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