Spice Meets the Macro Lens

The Pixel 7 Pro that I finally unpacked and fired up today (it arrived last week, but I was traveling) has a new “macro” photo mode, which allows one to get pretty darn close to one’s subject to snap a photo. Here’s me snapping a photo of Spice about an inch and a half from her nose. She doesn’t look impressed, but no one looks impressed with a phone mere centimeters away from one’s face, I suspect. The distortion from the lens isn’t helping either, although Spice looks cute with a moon face.

I’ll likely write up the Pixel 7 Pro soon, when I have a chance to play with it a bit more. So far I like it! But I’ve also only had it a few hours. Let me take some more photos with it and otherwise play with it and see what I think.

— JS

9 Comments on “Spice Meets the Macro Lens”

  1. I’m feeling a Mighty Need to provide kitty skritches! Hugs and cuddles to Spice.

  2. I don’t know photography, but I know that look, and Spice is tired of your shenanigans.

  3. As a rule, cats aren’t rigged for “impressed.” And even less, on the rare occasions on which they might be impressed, for letting anyone know.

  4. 2nding Teh Gerg: closeups of all your pets!
    I really like this picture, Spice has this intelligent glint in her eyes.

  5. Spice looks “cute”?

    I would have thought someone owned by multiple cats would be more attuned to their expressions.

    Spice looks like “You think this is funny, … but I am going to get you, Scalzi.”

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