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John Scalzi

Because of the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon “I overpaid” Musk, people are wondering where on the Internet I am, just in case they abandon that service forever. So, here is where you can find various online iterations of me, more or less in the order I use them. Click on the name of the service/site to go to my presence there.

Whatever: My blog. You’re on it right now. It’s been running since 1998 and has seen the launch and demise of at least three generations of social media. When in doubt, you will always find me here. In addition to visiting it directly, you can also subscribe to it via RSS, email, and WordPress’ reader function (if you have a WordPress account). Please visit regularly and/or subscribe!

Twitter: As of this writing, the place I’m at the most, when I’m not here. We’ll see if that continues.

Facebook: This Facebook page is primarily for news and updates relating to my career. I have a personal page on Facebook, which is not difficult to find, but I strictly limit “friending” on that to people I know in the real world in one way or another. The page linked here, however, is open to everyone.

Instagram: I post pictures here, about once a week.

Flickr: I also post pictures here.

Ello: More pictures, these slightly more arty on average than at those other two photo places, posted somewhat infrequently.

Metafilter: Reasonably frequent commenter, vary rare article poster.

LinkedIn: I’m here but rarely post (like, once a year or so).

Mastodon: This is a “federated” Twitter-like social network. I post here infrequently but may increase posting if Twitter really goes down the tubes.

Reddit: I comment here occasionally and have posted, like, five times in 15 years.

YouTube: A really random collection of videos I’ve put up over the years. I update sporadically at best.

Tumblr: Mostly just a repeater for my blog.

Hive Social: This site is entirely app based at the moment, so that link goes to a landing page rather than my account, but I’m at “scalzi” there.

I have author pages at Amazon and Goodreads. I am also on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and other music services because I have music out.

I have accounts on other social media services, but those are mostly placeholders to hold my name. If I’ve posted anything at those places, it is usually a picture of a cat.

I will update this post from time to time, when necessary or desirable.

— JS

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