Good Morning, Lunar Eclipse

I actually got up early for you!

And apparently it’s going to be the last lunar eclipse until 2025, and who knows what will happen between now and then, so, happy I woke up for this.

In the US, it’s election day. US citizens, please vote if you have not done so already. Thank you.

— JS

12 Comments on “Good Morning, Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Your sky seems clearer than mine in Ann Arbor.

    And all of us voted, early.

  2. I voted by mail last week, I’m always proud to. It’s was a little bittersweet though, there were 19 races but only 10 where voting mattered. Every judicial position had one candidate for all the parties. Unbelievable! Our party leaders working together in a bipartisan manner to select the best people as our judges.

    I’m told this a New York state tradition.

  3. I got up at my regular 5am and saw the transition from partial to total. Somewhat reddish moon, but nothing like as red as yours. I could not see the transition back to partial, because the moon had already dipped below the horizon. Heading your way, so to speak.

  4. One of the folks I see most workdays at the bus stop pointed it out to me; this was about 5:40-5:45 EST in Arlington (Va.).

  5. Seriously John? My first time to the blog and that’s all I get? What, you went back to bed? ( An eclipse is nice and all and the voting thing.) Guess I expected a profound pouring forth of your usual, (gleaned from the books), “stuff”, wit, wisdom, wonderful sarcasm, etc. Ah well, since I have what seems endless time, (boring, boring, boring) to endure I suppose I will be back tomorrow for a second go. Hope you caught up on the ol’ sleep.

    P.S. I need emojis in here ; )

  6. in cheerful mode, the moon seems to be saying -” welcome to the death of American democracy!”

    I voted early by mail as I live in a semi-sane state (CA). I’m apprehensive that the Christo-fascist party will take Congress. I’ve been reading an Italian history book, the parallels between the GQP and the fascists are uncanny – cultish devotion, thuggish behavior, rejection of expert knowledge, all that matters is who you know, Ugh.

  7. It was pouring down rain here — a Very Good thing, and it meant I didn’t have to stay up until 4 am. Also, I voted last week.

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