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It was 70 degrees here two days ago, and then suddenly November remembered how to November, and here we are: The first snow of the season, and no temperatures higher than the low 40s for the foreseeable future. I see that last year I posted up a video of the first snowfall of the season on exactly this weekend in November as well. Mother Nature: Weirdly consistent, at least as far as Ohio is concerned. I’m not expecting this snow to stick — the ground is still too warm for that — but it’s winter serving notice that it is, indeed, on its way.

How’s the weather where you are?

— JS

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  1. 10° this a.m. in western New Mexico (7000′ altitude). Typical for this area at this time of year. We’ve had snow already (half an inch) but it melted during the day.

  2. We are at the tail end of the warm weather you had, and our temperatures will be falling throughout the day. I love cooler weather, so I can’t wait. Might see a few snowflakes in a couple days.

  3. I’m in Florida, where it’s high 70s and still pretty humid. So…could be better, could be a LOT worse, like on Thursday, when then-Tropical Storm Nicole went by not too far away.

  4. In Metro Vancouver we had very little rain through October. Then last weekend we had two atmospheric rivers of rain come in off the ocean. Not as bad as last year when they hit.

    Then it snowed on Tuesday night. Didn’t last too long. Snow doesn’t usually arrive until late December, early January so our Winter weather is a bit mixed up.

    Talking to friends we’ve decided to call this period Swinter because we really haven’t had an Autumn. Have a good day.

  5. Remnant of Nicole blew through last night. Now 68° with sunny skies in New England.

    Alas temps look to drop this week. Making the best of the weather.

  6. It was seventy two earlier today but has dropped ten degrees this morning with highs this week in the forties, so just like you except this Friday coming the remnants of that hurricane will give three or so inches of rain.

    First tentative weak ass snow should be in about a fortnight, give or take.

  7. Beautiful morning here in Ukiah, CA. Just a slight amount of low ground-hugging fog in our valley. Temps in the upper 30’s. The sky is clear and bright blue. It will probably be in the upper 50’s to low 60’s today.

  8. No snow here yet in Toronto, which is a ways northeast of Ohio but has at least two Great Lakes moderating our weather–when they aren’t behind “lake effect snow” that can pile the white stuff high and wide.

    Drove the convertible around with the top down plenty in the past week.

    Planning to put the winter tires on the station wagon today. Snow is coming in the forecast.

  9. Temperatures a balmy 80 degrees here in HI (please don’t hate me), and we rarely get snow except on the tops of Haleakala, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa when conditions are right, so normal late autumn weather here. If I feel myself jonesing for the sight of snow during this season, I like to go to the Old Faithful Webcam run by the NPS. In the past week there have been two heavy snow squalls and the ground is white in Yellowstone, in addition to the usual geyser sightings.

  10. In nw CT USA we’ve had rain yesterday and today—remnants of Nicole. It seems to be sunny enough now, but it isn’t necessarily through yet.

  11. The weather here? It’s been alternating between seasonally autumnal and early summer hot (we had two 80° F + days in the last couple weeks!) before dropping back down to the 50°s-60°s F during the day and 30°s F at night.

  12. It WINTERED here in southern Illinois. 6″ of unexpected snow at Scott AFB, which is not far from me. November is busy Novembering.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. In southern Ohio (basically directly south of you), it started snowing earlier. We’ve got an inch or so sticking to grass and roofs, but not (much) streets or sidewalks. Back to “normal”? Maybe.

  14. Alexandria, VA

    1:03 EST, a few clouds but mostly sun and 70 degrees.

    Up and out early to set up for our annual art festival and not a cloud in the sky until mid-morning. I was, and am, clad in a t-shirt.

    Gonna get cooler this evening and tomorrow.

  15. Raleigh, North Carolina. Yesterday was in the 80’s. Today, about 70. Tomorrow in the 50’s.

  16. Very strange in SW Washington State. Early October was in the 80s–unusually warm. By Halloween it was in the 40s and raining, a lot. Now? November is supposed to be our most unrelenting rain. But today is sunny, 41 degrees, and no rain for at least another week.

  17. Our summer in the SF Bay Area tends to last until late October, when all of a sudden it realizes it’s fall/winter/spring (they’re basically the same thing here – summer doesn’t kick in usually till early/mid July).

    Then we tend to get a bit of rain (usually starts on Halloween- poor kids), and think, probably no drought this year, and then it tends to stop raining and seem to forget to do it much for the rest of the season. We actually had 5 minutes of hail last week out of nowhere- we tend to get hail like once a year but it never lasts long. It has never snowed at the elevation I live at in this area in the 30 years I’ve lived here (although it did snow once when I was growing up in the Los Angeles area, which was really cool).

    It’s in the 50s right now at 10:30am and partly cloudy, but that’s about the worst it gets this time of year (on really cold nights it can sometimes get into the high 20s). One thing I like about the weather here- not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dry (although it is getting drier). I’ve lived in CA since I was a baby though- I am not cut out for cold climates.

  18. In our region in western germany it‘s still up to 60 degree, which is quite ridiculous. Some flowers are starting to bloom again and several insects who should be dead since 1-2 month are still alive.
    Also rain became very rare in the last few years.

  19. Here in West Central Indiana, it’s about the same as your location. We have two inches of snow and I’m seriously depressed. Over the years I’ve developed an intense hatred of snow and cold weather. All my relatives absolutely love all this white crap, though.

  20. 75 and sunny in southern Connecticut. Probably our last great autumn day. Tomorrow it drops to 50 and then doesn’t get above that for the foreseeable future. I’m just heading out to do a bit more yardwork.

  21. Same weather front moved through Austin, Texas yesterday. Temperatures dropped about 20 degrees on Friday; fortunately no snow. Chatted with family from Minneapolis, Minnesota this afternoon. Same weather pattern but colder and snowy.

  22. San Jose area of CA. Temperatures are low 60’s, it’s very nice. No snow of course but with our drought we celebrate the bit of rain we get.

  23. Down here in Orlando we’re still drying out from Ian and Nicole. Heavy fog in the mornings. They sprayed for mosquitoes after Ian. They may do it again next week.

  24. After a brutal summer here in Texas Hill Country we woke to 38 F temps and NO snow. Hoping that we don’t have another snowmageddon this year like we did 2 years go

  25. Here in middle MN, it was 69 two days ago. It snowed lightly last night and a trace is still on the ground. This usually happens around Halloween, so we are running a little bit late.

  26. Same here next door to you in south-central Indiana (The Stupid State): it was 72° Thursday and 65° early yesterday then the temps started plummeting, and when I awoke this morning it was snowing very hard.

    By the time it was finished just after noon we had 3”-4” of wet, sticky snow on the ground. Lovely as it is I would prefer we NOT have 4-fingers of snow. It’s going to take at least 4-fingers of bourbon just to adjust, and probably another 4-fingers to stay adjusted! 🥴

    I was born and raised alongside the Platte River in Nebraska and have seen enough beautiful snows. Occasionally back in the 60s we’d have as much as 10’ of snow on the ground at one time. The street department used front loaders and dump trucks to clear the roads as snowplows don’t work with snow that deep! Great fun when you’re a kid but not anymore!

  27. Our weather is much the same as yours – temps were in the 70s on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and today’s high is only 32. Coming back from an afternoon theater performance about 35 miles away, we drove through repeated snow showers, some heavy enough to make it hard to see the road. Nothing is sticking on the roads other than on bridges, but grassy areas are definitely white.

    The weather today makes me insufferably smug that I spent Sunday last weekend when it was in the 50s here putting away garden hoses, patio chairs and the like, then putting up all our outdoor holiday decorations. I’ll probably wait a little longer before actually turning the holiday lights on outside, but I won’t have to court frostbitten fingers to get them in place. The only thing still to do is to buy a wreath and hang it on the front door, which can usually be accomplished without fear of frostbite.

  28. I’m taking my first holiday of summer to the beach in New Zealand, sunny skies, warm weather and beautiful surf to swim in.

  29. It’s about 39 here in SW West Virginia. No sign of snow, quite a bit of rain the past 3 days after a long dry spell. The tiny creek by the house had puddles yesterday, actually running water today.

    I put all weather tires on the SUV last week, but as retired folks we can just stay home if it’s crazy slick out, and we have a good sized tractor to plow out the farm road (and the county road if necessary) if it gets crazy and we actually need to get out.

    Have been glad to see the election results the past few days, no red wave !!

  30. Back in undergrad, in a course on facilities management, they told us that if you event gets rained out the first weekend of March (or whatever) to avoid having it that weekend the next year. Because the weather will most likely be the same.

  31. Weather here in Vegas in… Miserable, by my standards. For someone from Montana, I have it on good authority that it’s perfect. I’m from Illinois, and moved here for the warmth. That’ll be back in a few months.

    As for your sudden change of weather, insert joke analogy about temperature/speed and seeing a state trooper.

  32. Same here in Interior British Columbia- we got the switch right at the end of October. Temperatures went from the low to mid 20s (virtually summer weather) to -15 degrees (C) within two weeks. Crazy stuff.

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