Experiment 111722

I got some new music software and played with it to see how it sounded; this is what came out. It is good? Meh. It’s more of a fragment than a whole composition, although I like the breakdown in the middle. Is it noisy? Oh my, yes. I think I’ve learned about myself that when it comes to my own musical compositions, I’m a fan of noisy. Or maybe it’s just that “noisy” masks many of my musical deficiencies. I wouldn’t be the first to play that card (see: the entire genre of “punk”). Anyway, enjoy.

— JS

9 Comments on “Experiment 111722”

  1. When the title popped on my phone I thought this was a reference to Stitch, of Lilo and Stitch.

  2. You created a soundtrack for the movie Sergio Leone never made about Elves and Orcs.

    You did good, John.

  3. I think you are right it’s just a fragment -> i was expecting (hoping for?) more after the mid-way. I liked it

  4. As an old-school (just plain old, come to think of it) single-track classical musician (cellist), I none the less really enjoyed this “experiment,” and it got me to thinking: there was a huge explosion in musical creativity starting around 1600 with when instruments (organ, harpsichord, later piano) that could play many notes at once, rather than just one, became widespread.

    Imagine what a Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven might have produced if they’d had the technological music tools we have now…

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