This is a Post to Set Up Verification on Mastodon, You Can Totally Ignore it

Seriously, that’s all it is. Ignore it! Ignore, I say!



— JS

22 Comments on “This is a Post to Set Up Verification on Mastodon, You Can Totally Ignore it”

  1. Oddly enough, when I’ve tried to create a Mastodon account, the server my internet goes through won’t allow it. Throws up all manner of firewalls. Don’t know what’s up with that, but there it is. Hope you have better luck.

    Meanwhile, I await more awesomely AI’d Cat Pics and Architecture over on Instagram. Much love, have a great day!

  2. I’ve tried to start on Mastodon but the setup is confusing. Different servers? I navigated that – no idea what the result might be – but after all that the system was too busy from people fleeing Twitter that I was unable to register. Do you have any tips?

  3. This is why I check this blog every day! I rarely comment, but I can’t help myself this time. I don’t know what Mastodon is, I don’t know what the heck is going on, and yet I find myself strangely fascinated and amused. Go, John, go!

  4. Because we have to rpocess and read teh message, so as to get to a point, where we CAN ignore it. (Basically, so that we can be informed of you on the ancient elephant place)

  5. Well after clicking through I see I’m already following you on Mastodon.

    Though as I have no idea what today’s post is doing, I’m going to take your advice at this point, as far as remains possible.

    Now if a couple of journalists can figure out how to do the same thing, I’ll be all set.

    By the way, Doctorow just posted a link to an announcement that Tumblr is headed for interoperability with Mastodon. Welcome to the dawn of the post-Twitter era. We shall see.

  6. I’m actually really curious how you’ll have this work with Mastodon’s site verification; as far as I can tell it wants the rel=me link to be at the URL you verify, not just somewhere on the site, so unless you’re using this as your profile like I wouldn’t expect it to work.

    I’ll watch with interest.

  7. Does anyone else, whenever they hear someone saying or read someone writing Mastodon (especially when shouted or printed in bold) picture the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers morphing sequence with Walter Emanuel Jones holding up the Black Ranger morpher?

  8. Steve L

    No Power Ranger in my mind. An image of tiny, near naked pre-historic folks waving and throwing spears at a Ginormous Mastodon. I think it hangs somewhere in the Jeffersonian Museum.

  9. I’ve tried the various Twitter alternatives and Mastodon seems to be the most user friendly. (Counter Social is kind of cool, but I’m not sure about that four-column interface.) I don’t like Tribel at all. I’m on at Mastodon, but navigating the “instances” doesn’t seem to be too hard.

  10. Damn I was hoping for recipes, there’s a mastodon running loose around here and F&W has declared open season.


    Because it’s a good day for an open thread at Whatever?

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