The Great Escape

Fly, turkey, fly!

For those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving. For those who don’t celebrate it, happy Thursday. In both cases, I hope it’s a good day for you.

— JS

8 Comments on “The Great Escape”

  1. And a happy Thursday to you as well. I am about to put my contribution (berry cobbler) to a Friendsgiving potluck into the crockpot before persuading the dog to go outside on a rather chilly day.

  2. Happy Black Friday Eve.

    (seriously: Black Friday has penetrated far more widely outside the US than Thanksgiving).

  3. Thanks, sir, and to you as well. I will be spending the day with the young person you inspired to be a writer a few years ago. :)

  4. Yes! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! And I love your picture! Darn! Somebody else posted the video! I was going to suggest the perfect blurb for a horror movie with the picture as a poster: “Oh, my God! They’re Turkeys!”

  5. oy… back in 1978, that WKRP in Cincinnati episode “Turkeys Away” just about triggered my father into another heart attack… there is indeed such a thing as laughing too hard

    took weeks before he’d stop chuckling at the mere repetition of the punchline “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”