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What’s the Ethical Use of AI-Generated Art?

First: The above bit of whimsy, generated by Midjourney from the prompt “A peppermint kaiju in a gingerbread city.” Second, some thoughts about AI-generated art I’ve had recently, which I posted on my personal Facebook account but am reposting here to open up the discussion a bit. I wrote: I have fun playing with AI-generated […]

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The Big Idea: Kayleigh Nicol

It’s no surprise that today’s generation of authors might also be gamers… but the influence of gaming on their writing may be more substantial that you might suspect. Kayleigh Nicol, who co-wrote Crystal Awakening with Andrew Rowe, speaks to this integration of writing and gaming, and how the latter informed the former with this novel. […]

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Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2022, Day Two: Non-Traditionally Published Books

Today is Day Two of the Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2022, and today the focus is on Non-Traditionally Published Books: Self-published works, electronically-exclusive books, books from micro presses, books released outside the usual environs of the publishing world, and so on. Hey, I put my first novel up on this very Web site years ago and told people to […]

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