Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2022, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More

The Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2022 continues, and today we move away from books and focus on other gifts and crafts — which you can take to mean just about any other sort of thing a creative person might make: Music, art, knitting, jewelry, artisan foodstuffs and so on. These can be great, unique gifts for special folks in your life, and things you can’t just get down at the mall. I hope you see some cool stuff here.

Please note that the comment thread today is only for creators to post about their gifts for sale; please do not leave other comments, as they will be snipped out to keep the thread from getting cluttered. Thanks!

Creators: Here’s how to post in this thread. Please follow these directions!

1. Creators (of things other than books) only. This is an intentionally expansive category, so if you’ve made something and have it available for the public to try or buy, you can probably post about in this thread. The exception to this is books (including comics and graphic novels), which have two previously existing threads, one for traditionally-published works and one for non-traditionally published works (Note: if you are an author and also create other stuff, you may promote that other stuff today). Don’t post if you are not the creator of the thing you want to promote, please.

2. Personally-created and completed works only. This thread is specifically for artists and creators who are making their own unique works. Mass-producible things like CDs, buttons or T-shirts are acceptable if you’ve personally created what’s on it. But please don’t use this thread for things that were created by others, which you happen to sell. Likewise, do not post about works in progress, even if you’re posting them publicly elsewhere. Remember that this is supposed to be a gift guide, and that these are things meant to be given to other people. Also, don’t just promote yourself unless you have something to sell or provide, that others may give as a gift.

3. One post per creator. In that post, you can list whatever creations of yours you like, but allow me to suggest you focus on your most recent creation. Note also that the majority of Whatever’s readership is in the US/Canada, so I suggest focusing on things available in North America. If you are elsewhere and your work is available there, please note it.

4. Keep your description of your work brief (there will be a lot of posts, I’m guessing) and entertaining. Imagine the person is in front of you as you tell them about your work and is interested but easily distracted.

5. You may include a link to a sales site if you like by using standard HTML link scripting. Be warned that if you include too many links (typically three or more) your post may get sent to the moderating queue. If this happens, don’t panic: I’ll be going in through the day to release moderated posts. Note that posts will occasionally go into the moderation queue semi-randomly; Don’t panic about that either.

6. As noted above, comment posts that are not from creators promoting their work as specified above will be deleted, in order to keep the comment thread useful for people looking to find interesting work.

Now: Tell us about your stuff!

Tomorrow: Fan Favorites!

80 Comments on “Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2022, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More”

  1. Thank you, John, for this opportunity.
    I own a laser, with which I make astrolabes, clocks, model airplanes, earrings and other pieces of art.
    I also make pin buttons/magnets, mugs and shirts; mostly with my airplane illustrations on them, as well as some astronomical and mid-century modern subjects.
    You can find all these on my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Wavytail

  2. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of STYLE!

    Revel With A Cause Designs creates handmade jewelry where everything is expertly made and one-of-a-kind. From the Gothic to the geek-chic, we have coordinating sets in a variety of themes to fit everyone’s tastes and interests. Everything comes in a coordinating, handmade drawstring bag so you don’t even have to wrap them.

    Everything’s currently 15% off , and you can find us at https://www.etsy.com/shop/revelwithacauseshop.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Super-big thanks for this opportunity, John! Anyone who’s into Ancestry and family tree research might like to check out the funny and unique Genealogy mugs, stickers, T-shirts etc in my new online shop, Geneadello. I’m an author-illustrator and retired genealogy librarian, designing for fun. You’ll also find funny stuff for the long-suffering friends and family of the genealogy enthusiast. Something for everyone! Thanks!

  4. Looking for classic, elegant holiday decorations?

    I just opened an Etsy shop selling handblown glass, made by me. I love watching the way light interacts with glass, so for my first set of listings I created a range of clear glass ornaments in a variety of textures.

    First 25 orders get free domestic shipping with promo code FIRST25.

  5. Thanks again, John, for this opportunity!

    Eclectic Clay is the Syracuse-based studio of Nina Kalinkos, a Hometown Clay Hero™ and Expert In All Things Cute and Sparkly™.

    Nina excels at custom sculpture, from favorite pets to wedding cake toppers to TTRPG characters! Commissions are no longer guaranteed for holiday delivery – we are working on portal shipping technologies – but if you enjoy unusual creatures, including Australian Owl Bears and hummingbird griffins, you will enjoy your visit to http://www.eclecticclay.com!

  6. Hello my fellow Scalzi fans :-) and first of all many thanks to you John for giving us the opportunity to promote our work here !

    My name is Chris and i am a designer, artisan and luthier from Berlin in Germany. I’m originally a guitarist (just probably not talented and/or persistent enough to make it with that) so one of the main things i design (besides the guitars) are natural ergonomic guitar picks (or plectrums as we call them in europe). The picks are made out of natural materials and are great for any level of guitar or mandolin players, from beginners to guitar heroes. Besides not being made out of plastic, which is an argument in itself i guess, they have many unique advantages over the traditional flat picks.

    I also make sexy little pick boxes in all kinds of shapes, materials and colors since we guitarists like to always carry our favorite picks around … just in case.

    All my products are designed and handmade by myself out of fairly sourced and natural biodegradable materials in my little workshop here. I ship worldwide.


    Since i do everything myself i’m always scrambling a bit around this time of the year to update my webshop with the latest products but that should be done in a couple of days.
    If you have questions or want a recommendation to find a suitable pick for the guitarist in your life please don’t hesitate to send me an email, i always enjoy helping out and meeting my customers.

  7. I’m a photographer from Newcastle, Australia. I love helping people to learn more about our beautiful part of the world and I sell photo prints and calendars through my Etsy store.

    My 2023 photo calendar is out now and features 12 images from around the region. I print and bind the calendars myself and use Ilford paper for a premium finish.

    They’re 20% off at my store at the moment, along with my prints. Happy to send anywhere in the world.


    Thanks John for the opportunity to share!

  8. Thanks for this opportunity! I’m a full-time librarian with a compulsive need to make stuff with my hands at home after being on computers all day.

    I create in 3 different categories:

    First, hand embroidery that is sometimes sweet, often sour, and occasionally fandom-related.
    Second, colorful and frivolous jewelry that is probably best described as fairycore, cottagecore, or Hello Kitty core.
    Third, pixel art made from Perler beads. These are all fandom-related, with a big emphasis on Pokemon.

    Thr price range is $5-$50, with most items coming in around $20. I don’t have a website, but I do sell through my Instagram DMs and you can find me on there @storycraftopia

  9. Hi! Handmade jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, ear cuffs, hair sticks and rings. Designs include pride, geeky themed, ttprg, witchy, gothy, and creepy cute. Just started doing some 3D printing and have a few items like a dice tower available. Open to commissions/custom orders as well.

    Materials are mostly gemstones, glass, crystal. Findings are nickel-free.

    I’m Black, queer, disabled and geeky so my designs reflect my interests. Check them out here: https://dragonandwolfdesigns.com

  10. Thanks for allowing us this space, John! :) I make jewelry and stationery.

    My jewelry contains natural stones, pearls, precious and semi-precious gems, and art glass. All pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Click here to see the gallery: https://sapphostorque.com/hobbies/jewelry-making/

    If you’re looking for beautiful greeting cards that are way more original than anything found at the store, please see my handmade poetry art cards. All feature paper collage and fragments of literature and are suitable for framing. Cards are blank on the inside, and even ones on black paper have off-white insides that can be written on with regular pens. Most contain lines from my own poetry, but a few designs are inspired by other literature. Click here to see the gallery: https://sapphostorque.com/hobbies/poetry-art-cards/

  11. I have been doing woodturning for over a decade now and have recently begun to more actively curate my neglected Etsy shop, A Turn of Beauty.


    New this year are hardwood rolling pins, both with independently turning handles and French pastry style rolling pins. Also, I have several dragon themed ballpoint pins along with other pens, Nativity sets, letter openers, screwdrivers, plates, bowls, and ice cream scoops.

    Everything in my store ships free and for my fellow Whatever readers, use coupon code Whatever2022 for 10% discount.


  12. The Cogitation Zone is me. I make a lot of different art: watercolors, alcohol inks, and encaustics for 2D, and pottery and wire sculpture for 3D. If you’re the geeky type or into recycling, check out my “Rise of Technology” series, little wire trees on circuit boards. If you knit, I make yarn bowls, including animal yarn bowls. SF enthusiast? Look at the encaustics, which are like JWT images. My prices are cheap and I do custom work. Search for “Cogitation Zone” or visit http://www.cogitation.org

  13. Hello! I like to break glass and put it back together again into beautiful, nature-inspired art. I make glass mosaic artwork and stained glass-style mosaic you can hang in your window and let the sign shine through. I also do custom work and specialize in one of a kind fireplace mosaics. Please take a look at http://www.Etsy.com/shop/noracodymosaics.

  14. Thanks for the shameless-self-promo space!

    I’m professionally a web & graphic designer and among my freelance gigs have been several book covers for indie/self-pub SF&F novels. My UNprofessional website for that needs an overhaul, so I won’t be linking myself THERE.

    I’m a serial hobbyist with a concentration in handmade jewelry, and I also dabble in t-shirt design, sewing, and whatever strikes my fancy and/or tickles my funny bone. My always-changing selection of feline, science, and geeky-themed offerings can be found at https://thecraftykat.com

  15. Thank you, John, for this fantastic opportunity.

    Shop Blue Aster Photography for vibrant urban abstract and nature macro photos. Bring a little piece of the outdoors inside this winer with colorful flowers, tree bark abstracts, and urban scenes.

    Prints are available starting at size 5×7 for $15.

    Check out my shop at https://www.blueasterphotography.com

  16. Thank, John, for the opportunity to tell everyone that I design t-shirts and other merchandise with whimsy and humor for lots of clients and events. Mostly I focus on: healthcare providers, cancer patients, writing, mystical, museum artifacts, NE Ohio, but some of them are just for fun. Hopefully there’s a design you’d be proud to wear or gift, or at least provide a chuckle. While I work to get my own shop up, here is a page that has links to all the places that sell my designs: https://coyoteshirts.saturdaybang.net/pardon-our-dust/

  17. Thank you for this, John!

    I make small-batch, artisanal jewelry. Styles vary from Steampunk and Industrial pieces to Resin pendants to Pride jewelry to Hand-strung Beaded jewelry. There are primarily necklaces and earrings with a smattering of bracelets, charms, and assorted accessories.

    Use code Holidays25 at checkout (or click here: https://starsandarrow.square.site/?cc=Holidays25) to enjoy 25% off everything except Halloween items until Monday, December 12th. Halloween items are 50% off until they’re gone, so get them while they’re hot!

    Happy shopping!

  18. Thank you for supporting artisans! I am a jewelry designer and silversmith making limited edition & OOAK works of wearable art. My jewelry has been shown at international exhibitions & used in numerous fashion editorials. Please have a look at my Instagram @slatejewelry with links to my site and own gift guide.

  19. https://www.antelman.com

    Ideas flourish in my mind, like opportunities of adventure on the open road. It is impossible to discover all roads at once, so I take notes and draw maps for future exploration. I am always jotting down line drawings on hot pink Post-it notes, and the surge of new ideas germinates in my mind. Exploration and puzzle solving are part of my process as I reach my design goals.

    My jewelry is hand fabricated and forged. The pieces consist of fold-formed hollow pods that are hinged, soldered and joined in varied configurations. Utilizing hammers, I sink and form the metal, creating arrangements that are light and comfortable to wear. I use 18k and 22k gold, oxidized sterling silver, stainless steel wire and unusual stones in raw, faceted and smooth surfaces. Hinges, Settings and clasps are handmade. Throughout the many phases of the construction there is a lot of sawing, sanding, filing and soldering. I tend to work in stages in order to implement my vision using my own blueprints to guide the way.

  20. Thanks for this opportunity, John! Appreciated as ever.

    Hi, folks!

    If you’ve been wanting my Loteria Grande Cards, Posters, or Deluxe Art Prints — or a signed print of my Hugo Award-winning SFF cover art for your wall — now is your time. Why? Because I’m gifting you a discount code for 10% off, which I’m not sharing on social media. Keep it to yourselves, please. :) It’s for my Loteria List subscribers — and now — for any of you sharp-eyed Whatever readers.

    Use 10OFF2022 when you checkout from my site! Good toward all merchandise purchases (except for original art). Stay well out there, everyone.


  21. Hey, thanks, John!

    I’m Elise Matthesen, aka LionessElise. I make one-of-a-kind art jewelry that’s been known to inspire people to write. I was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2009 for. it, and won a Hugo for Best Fan Artist in 2020. I made Lois McMaster Bujold’s awards necklace (a.k.a. the Cetagandan Order of Merit), and there are planet pendants in my shop for all your Winterfair gifting needs.

    Check out the latest shinies at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LionessElise — new things show up every day.

  22. Thank you for letting us post our stuff!

    Cute Stocking Stuffers!
    …Pins for bags and jackets
    …Stickers to slap on laptops and water bottles (and your friends’ foreheads!)
    …a ton of other merch (these designs are sold on Redbubble)

    I wanted to make something my young nieces would like, and they’re cute enough for everyone! My 25 designs include a curious bee, a friendly mushroom, a little Halloween bat, Pride flowers to keep you company, and a coffee cup that loves you.

    This bunny (Lil Cute Bun) lives on my laptop:

    Thanks for checking out my page!

  23. Thanks John for this great opportunity!

    My name is Ron Wheeler and I live in Atlanta, GA. I have a full time job as an IT Engineer but in my spare time I work on photography.

    My photos range from scenic landscapes and famous landmarks, to picturesque cityscapes. I love traveling the world (when I get the time) and photographing urban landscapes.

    I have an Etsy shop and sell regular prints and large canvas prints. All of my items are 25% off!

    I hope my photos make your home or office more enjoyable.


  24. You know how a good folk album moves us with sincerity? And how a great filk album tickles our nostalgia bone? And how any ephemera from our favourite fandoms manifested into our real world will draw us back to the story?

    I attempted to combine all three in the album ALL WHO WANDER by Lancelot Schaubert.

    The album is a concept album written from the perspective of my universe’s main world hopper, the narrator Mearcstapa / Tobias of BELL HAMMERS. It’s a folk album, but the stories in it are snippets from the world: sometimes speculative, sometimes alt history.

    Always weird and one of a kind.

    Buy on iTunes
    Buy on Amazon.

    stream here.

  25. Hi Scalzi fans! Thanks for the opportunity to share my work John.

    I am an illustrator/designer and my latest passion is lino block printing. My first few pieces depict whales, swallows, otters, and thistles. I carve a linoleum block then ink it and hand print each one so every print is unique. Most of my pieces include imagery of significance as I prefer art that tells a story.

    Follow me on Instagram:
    http://www.instagram.com/laurelgracestudios to see my process videos and latest work.

    Or visit my website: http://www.laurelgracestudios.com for my previous series inspired by fortune cookies. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  26. Thanks so much for the platform, John!

    My partner and I create hand-rolled paper greeting cards, an art form called “Quilling” Our 5″x7″ cards are the perfect size for framing as a piece of art and will bring some color and joy to any space. We carry a wide variety of images for all occasions and have a great holiday selection as well. You can find all of our designs on our website @ http://www.iconicquilling.com
    Thanks for checking us out and Happy Holidays to you all!

  27. This is such a fun opportunity to see such neat things folks are making!

    I draw stuff and then use that art to make stickers, cards, art prints, and I get help from a manufacturer to make washi tape, paper goods, and enamel pins. Themes in my work are social justice, nerdery, Boston Terriers, plants, and queer pride.


  28. Hi all!

    When I’m not working at my dayjob, I’m a bookbinder! I sell hand-bound blank journals and notebooks through my online shop: https://www.thebookroadie.com/shop/

    They’re all hand-bound by me, in my little workshop in Portland, OR. I use traditional methods and high-quality materials. I start with folding the paper – and if you’re interested in the whole process, check out my blog’s greatest hits in the right sidebar. I’ve got pictures and notes from various bookbinding and book repair classes I’ve taken. There’s also this fun timelapse of me binding one of my standard books here:

    Along with my ready-to-ship blank books, I offer book repair and custom bookbinding. I’ve bound magazines, made huge tomes for journaling, and right now I’m working on a replica of a book from a video game. Just drop me a line if you’ve got a project in mind!

    Thanks for reading, and thank you John for hosting!
    – Ealasaid Haas, aka The Book Roadie

  29. Eco-friendly greeting cards on bamboo paper.

    I illustrate familiar nature scenes of the Pacific Northwest with birds, rivers, forests, salmon and flowers and print them on fine art bamboo paper greeting cards.

    The greeting cards are 5×7, blank inside, and include a kraft envelope. They are great to frame and hang tiny spaces.

    I’m located in Washington State and ship to the US and Canada.

    Some designs are also available on silk scarves.
    Thank you for supporting tiny businesses like mine!

  30. Jeff Pender (my spouse) is a full time artist. His “abstract geometric” drawings are a relatively new body of work, combining straightedge lines, compass curves, and hand drawn lines. Framed originals and limited edition prints are available.

    Before the pandemic nudged him to drawing, he created ceramic sculptures, also abstract. Art show visitors often ask if he is inspired by sci-fi (yep, more tv/movies than reading though).

    Thanks for offering John, and for looking all!

  31. Thanks for this opportunity, John.

    I’m an artist from New Zealand who likes producing acrylic paintings of the landscape around me. Sometimes I like painting a dragon or a castle too.

    My art can be found on Redbubble under the name NicciArt. You too can have my paintings on various Stuffs such as greeting cards.

    Thank you for supporting artists.

  32. I make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces/pendants, earrings, charms, etc.). Everything is made to order in the colors you want. All earrings are hypoallergenic and bracelet/necklace clasps and chains can also be hypoallergenic, if you need.

    My website is http://awristeddevelopment.com

  33. Hi! I’m a singer/songwriter/ukulele player who performs under the name of Sunday Comes Afterwards. My album I Want a Refund is available on Bandcamp both as a download and as a shiny metal disc that you can wrap up and give as a present. It includes songs about anxiety, practicing your trans friends’ pronouns, my OTP Catradora, and the cycle of bison-on bison bullying in upstate New York. (From now until December 10, you can get it for 25% off using coupon code sunday25!)

    I also have two EPs with holiday song parodies, which will be joined by a third on Friday; the production quality is lower, but they’re fun. Those are pay-what-you-want, which is perhaps less suitable for a gift, unless you accompany it with the explanation that you opted to give a substantial sum in the recipient’s name to help support a struggling trans artist. 😉 (Alas, it’s in no way tax-deductible, but perhaps your friends are more easily won over than the IRS is.)

    Thanks, John!

  34. Thanks, John, for this opportunity. I make fab latch hook rugs and wall hangings and sell through etsy to the UK and USA (I’m in the UK so please order early if you’re in the USA). I have a sale running to 15 Dec & the savings on some items get even better from 1 Dec so look today and buy tomorrow 😉

  35. Hi! I’m a singer/songwriter/ukulele player who performs under the name of Sunday Comes Afterwards. My album I Want a Refund is available on Bandcamp both as a download and as a shiny metal disc that you can wrap up and give as a present. It includes songs about a reluctant superhero, practicing your trans friends’ pronouns, my OTP Catradora, and the cycle of bison-on bison bullying in upstate New York. (From now until December 10, you can get it for 25% off using coupon code sunday25!)

    I also have two EPs with holiday song parodies, which will be joined by a third on Friday; the production quality is lower, but they’re fun. Those are pay-what-you-want, which is perhaps less suitable for a gift, unless you accompany it with the explanation that you opted to give a substantial sum in the recipient’s name to help support a struggling trans artist. ;-) (Alas, it’s in no way tax-deductible, but perhaps your friends are more easily won over than the IRS is.)

    You can find these at https://sundaycomesafterwards.bandcamp.com

    Thanks, John!

    (I forgot the URL when I posted the first version of this, but it looks like it hasn’t gone up yet, so this is a replacement if that’s okay? Very sorry!)

  36. Thank you for the uplift John!
    I just opened my shop this last weekend, I sell completed, ready to frame diamond paintings.
    What I diamond painting? It’s a mix of cross-stitch & perler, sort of. I affix resin gems and crystal rhinestones to canvas in pixelated designs. These can take anywhere from 4-30 hours to complete.
    My Cyber Monday code is still available until midnight tonight (Nov 30th). The code is “SocialMedia”. It will give you $10 off any design over $50.


  37. Hello! If you give or receive books for the holidays, why not add a bookmark or two?

    I make laminated bookmarks from used and mint postage stamps, generally in popular categories (like cats!) BUT I can also do custom requests if you’re looking for something even more unique.

    No two alike!


  38. Hello! I am an artist inspired by science! My watercolor and ink paintings, on themes ranging from neuroscience to microbiology to climate change, have been featured on book and journal covers and are in some nice collections. You can have your very own brain, neuron, virus or cell original art, which I sell for very reasonable prices at my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/artologica/

    These are nor prints, they are all original paintings.

    You can also find fine silk scarves and ties featuring brain scans, DNA gels, petri dishes, and much more.

    These make great gifts for stylish geeks.

    Thanks so much! Michele Banks (@artologica)

  39. I am offering one-of-a-kind drawings of flowers for FREE! It’s part of The Ten Thousand Flowers Project, which you can read about more here: https://www.wonderbink.com/10kflowers

    To get one, just send your mailing address to free@10Kflowers.com. Specify how many you want (within reason) if you want to give them to multiple people or enclose them with your holiday cards. (They also make great bookmarks!) If you want to see what they look like, I’m on Instagram as @wonderbink.

    Your address will only be used to mail the flower to and held on only in case the flowers get lost in the mail. It will not be sold to anyone, and how sad is it that I have to make this disclaimer?

    Happiest of Holidays, whatever you celebrate!

  40. I’m a bassist and songwriter from the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio, not too terribly far from where the Scalzis live.

    My most recent album was released in September 2020, and while you can certainly listen to it on streaming services, the deluxe version on CD has additional songs and a lyric/art booklet. It would make a lovely gift for yourself or someone else.


  41. I am an artisan jewelry maker in Atlanta, GA, focusing on chainmaille pieces and lampworked glass. I also create items from upcycled and found objects, like vintage silverplate flatware.

    Currently available pieces and examples of past work can be viewed on my website. I can make adjustments for size on many pieces, especially the bracelets.


  42. Does someone on your gift list have trouble focusing in class or during long conference calls at work?

    Get them a Scintillant coloring journal! Coloring or doodling in a journal is a great way to keep your attention in the present moment, and it’s super easy to switch to taking notes as needed.

    Each page has an attractive geometric pattern on the left side (or flip the journal if you prefer them on the right), and your choice of lined, unlined, or dot grid pages.

    Available internationally via Amazon print on demand. Check out Scintillant.net to browse all of the available covers and designs, or check out my designs, photography, and AI-generated art on Redbubble!

  43. https://www.redbubble.com/people/r3allybadshop/shop

    I draw dumb pictures of pets! I like to do both stylized portraits of cats with funny sayings as well as silly Renaissance paintings of cats. I also draw a lot of tortoiseshell cats after my friend told me she was worried her tortie cat left out since most cat stuff is of calicos and black cats.

    I also do art commissions! I’m currently using my art to help me pay for my expenses while I do my PhD.

  44. I’ll keep this simple. I am an artist not a writer, so if you are looking for something pretty and/or over the top, check out my website. I do custom jewelry, Yeti style tumblers, paintings, cigar box purses, and Top Hats. Let me know you found me through Scalzi, I’ll give you 10% off your purchase on my father’s and my website. I am also third generation, so if you want to check out my father’s work at: https://www.ikkimatsumoto.com/ and my grandfather’s artwork at: https://katsudi.com/en/homepage/. Both of them were world renowned. I hope you enjoy checking out our websites. Happy Holidays.

  45. Hi! We’re gay and we like rocks!

    The Peculiarity Shop is made up of 8 LGBTQIA+ crafters who are also friends. We specialize in handmade jewelry, ranging from regular beaded items to wrapped stones to pearls strung on silk.

    Our shop has been in business five years and people keep coming back so I think we’re doing something right, or at least the rocks are.

    Thanks all for looking–we appreciate you supporting small business, and particularly small queer owned and staffed business!


  46. Thanks John!

    I’m not sure that what I do fits here, but it certainly doesn’t fit anywhere else.

    I create worlds and experiences – that is, I am Game Master/Dungeon Master, and you can hire me to be YOUR GM/DM if you want. I specialize in be-spoke game worlds designed for and with you (and your gaming group). Players have as much (or as little) input as they want. I also specialize in running games that are not D&D – if you’ve got a game you want to try out, I’m willing to read the rules and help you work out how the game works. New and inexperienced players are great, also – so, maybe, I also create role-players?

    I’m happy to run games online (from anywhere on the planet if we can make a schedule work and have a common language!), or in person (if you are lucky enough to live within a reasonable distance from Ithaca.)

    Anyway. You can reach me at dingo.dad.games@gmail.com, or at https://startplaying.games/gm/dingo_dad_games

  47. Thanks for this and Happy Holidays everyone!

    Do you have any toddlers or children on your gift list this year? I have two beginner level coloring books with easy pictures of adorable kids. I designed this book with bold lines and simple shapes showing familiar scenes from kids’ lives.

    Happy & Cute Coloring Book: 50 Easy Pictures Of Toddler Girls

    Happy & Cute Coloring Book: 50 Easy Pictures Of Toddler Boys

    You can’t go wrong with a coloring book!


  48. Thank you for the opportunity to share our music John!

    We (Solanum) are a crossover thrash band from Winnipeg, Canada. We have multiple albums available both digitally and in CD formats.
    T-shirts, and pins are also available, with new designs being posted in the coming days!

    The style we play is similar to bands like Excel, DRI, and Suicidal Tendencies

    link text

    Much love from Winnipeg!

  49. Thank you.

    I draw 2d art mostly with animals and food/drink. I use Copic markers on Bristol vellum paper. My style is a sort of cross between American animation and chibi art.

    Visit http://www.QuackQuackHonk.com for my shop and my redbubble.

    Prints come matted and and fits standard size frames.

    Originals come framed and ready to hang.

  50. Dear Folks,

    As in the past, my photographs are available from:


    Two things are new, though…

    First, I have added a smaller print size (11″x14″) at a much lower cost than my usual 17×22 prints.

    Second, if you mention “Whatever” any time between now and midnight on December 7, I’ll knock 25% off my usual prices ( https://ctein.com/howorder.htm) . That applies to any photographs on my website, regardless of size, medium or price (including my Jim Marshall prints).

    Happy holidays to one and all!

    pax / Ctein

  51. Thanks so much for providing a place for all of us to share our stuff. I’m here for the cat lovers, landscapes and nature, and wildlife. I create original art and photography based on my household of rescued and foster cats and kittens and my local landscape and sell the art and prints of it. I also make a line of unique gift items made from those images: votive lamps using upcycled jars with timer-operated string lights, decorated and embellished keepsake boxes made from vintage cigar boxes, tiles made from polymer clay that are just about unbreakable, garden flags made with cotton duck canvas, dishtowels made from repurposed muslin sheets and totes and purses made from old tablecloths as well as new materials, all featuring my art and photography. Lots more too. Visit here: https://portraitsofanimals.net/handmade-and-gifts/handmade-gift-gallery/

  52. Hi folks! Hopefully I’m not too late — I’m on the other coast for a conference and time isn’t real.

    I make wire and hand-colored brass jewelry, particularly antique key pendants, but I experiment with other materials and techniques as well.

    My work is available online through my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/silverowlcreations

    and I started a Patreon with behind-the-scenes info and photos of everything I make before it’s generally available:

  53. I make kilnformed glass home decor items as part of our family business, Foster’s Beauties. Our business includes my husband’s segmented woodturning and our teenager’s pyrography and lettering artwork too!

    You can find all our work at http://FostersBeauties.com and we’re also on Instagram and Facebook as @fostersbeauties.

    Thanks so much taking a look!!

  54. Thanks and happy holidays!

    I make stuff out of junk, and the latest stuff I’ve made are Bookends out of Books.

    Unloved books are transformed with glue, cardboard, and their own pages into diorama scenes reflecting the title of the book. You can find them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/marence

  55. Thanks John!

    I am a mixed-media artist and I make collages and encaustic painings (encaustic means painting with hot wax). My work is primarily black and white, using imagery from old 19thC engravings and illustrations. It’s a little dark, a little fantastical. You can see my most recent work on Instagram:

    And on my website:

    I don’t have prices posted, but I have lots of small pieces for between $45-$200. If you like what you see, please reach out.

  56. Thank you for this opportunity, John!

    Dragon Abbey Jewelry: Dragons like shiny things. Abbeys are places of refuge and contemplation, which I find at my workbench. (Much more convenient to the cats and the kitchen).
    I work mostly in wire, stones, and Czech glass, and my style influences are….eclectic. :) I pull from historical design, other fascinating cultures, and whatever imaginary world my brain is inhabiting this particular hour.
    My consistent design elements seem to be 1. Subtlety Is Good, 2. Wearable Art: Quiet Edition, and 3. The Jewelry Moves As You Do.
    I am also willing to do custom work.
    Come see if any of the shinies sing to you:


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