Notice of Head Down

I have been reliably informed by my editor that Starter Villain, my next novel, has to be done in the next two weeks or otherwise DOOM DOOM DOOOOOOOOOM (actually my editor was far more mellow about it than that, but it still needs to be in).

So, I, John Scalzi, will be scarce here until I have written “the end” on this novel. The good news is there is another writer on this site and she will be posting, plus we will have some Big Ideas and other stuff. And I may, you know, post a cat picture or sunset or whatnot.

Anyway, wish me luck, because if I don’t finish this novel I don’t get paid, and you all know how much I love to get paid.

— JS

21 Comments on “Notice of Head Down”

  1. Good luck on your work-surge here in getting the novel completed. Woohoo, something new for us in 2023.

    Now Athena, where are you…? ;-)

  2. Just don’t let your editor talk you into machine uploading. I know it sounds really cool, but I’d wait until they have some more success in human trials.

  3. So everybody else in the publishing industry gets to take December off but you? Unfair! [Of course, I am anxious to read your next novel, so perhaps I should shut up and let you write.]

  4. More important than your personal desire for money, your cats need to be fed, which is somewhat dependent on you getting paid. So I’ll allow it. See you on the other side.

  5. There was me at first glance of the post title thinking “Oh, announcing another book in the Haden’s Syndrome series?”

  6. Good luck, John. Write like the wind!

    “Hey now, you’re an all star
    Get your game on, go play
    Hey now, you’re a writer
    Get the words down, get paid…”

  7. Good luck on getting the book finished in time. It seems many of us need a hard deadline to get our ass in gear.

  8. Good luck! May your thoughts be organized, may your fingers fly, and may your hardware be reliable.

    Looking forward to buying more Scalzi works soon!

  9. Oh, best of luck to you – hope those words cooperate with you and that all the plot points come together neatly! A newly completed novel will make a great Christmas gift to give yourself, so go forth and write!

  10. Ass down.
    Heads up.
    That’s the way we like to … write novels? I mean, I assume that’s the way it works.


    Best to you and a productive absence.

  11. Go to it, John! Speaking for all us Scalziheads, any word about a new book is an occasion for rejoicing and dancing in the streets.

  12. Always happy to see Athena’s contributions to Whatever… Also, cats and sunsets, my mainstay…

    So here’s to Holliday Cheers, and “Starter Villains” everywhere, vying in your pen for recognition… No luck required, just focus.

    Also, there’s a unique music instrument with your name on it, so getting paid, yah bonus!

    Happy writing!!!

  13. Wishing you the best for a simple completion!

    One question for when time allows: Even though they don’t necessarily appear in publication, do you literally type the words “The End” when finishing the manuscript? Or do you have another symbolic ritual — besides posting a cat picture, natch?

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