Get Locus Magazine Over Its Fundraising Goal Today and I Will Write a Christmas Story

John Scalzi

Locus Magazine, the trade magazine of the science fiction/fantasy/horror publishing field, is having a fundraiser to help it continue its work. I’m a fan and a supporter of the magazine — I subscribe to it, and I also donated $1k to this very fundraiser — and with less than a day left in the fundraiser, it’s got about $1,300 to go to hit its stated $75k goal. So to help push it over the line, I’ll make you a deal:

Get the Locus fundraiser to $75,000, and I will write a Christmas-themed short story, which I will post here on Whatever or by Christmas Eve (which, uuuhhh, gives me time to finish the novel I’m currently wrapping up).

But wait, there’s more!

Get the Locus fundraiser to $85,000, and I will do an audio version of the story. Complete with silly voices! Err, if the story involves silly voices. Which, you know, it might.

The fundraiser has until midnight (Pacific time) tonight. I think we can manage this, don’t you?

(Here’s the link to the fundraiser again.)

— JS

21 Comments on “Get Locus Magazine Over Its Fundraising Goal Today and I Will Write a Christmas Story”

  1. Well over $77 now when I added my 2 cents. You may just have to gargle some apple cider vinegar and get ready to record!

  2. Now that the goal is extended are you going to give this the 20 days? And add a stretch goal (like a fun new holiday song to go with the story) if that’s hit? Anyway, this is a great cause and I did my bit. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I’m ashamed to admit that my internet literacy- which I highly value – is failing me.

    Is there no way to donate without a reward tier?

    I appreciate many of the offerings, but they would not directly provide value to me… and I would like to donate beyond the 7$ tier.

    I’m likely missing something obvious. L’il help?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Every time you have mentioned a Kickstarter or Indigogo or other charities I contribute. I once got a really cool witch doll after a really long time from backing a Kickstarter you recommended. Even if I hadn’t gotten the doll or any of the things the people offer, knowing I’m making a contribution to something worthwhile that I didn’t know about is cool. (I have heard of Locus Magazine, I haven’t kept up with them and didn’t realize they needed help).

  5. uhm… ‘tuckerize’ your story for anyone contributing $100? or let ’em provide the silly voice for a character after contributing $200?

    what if enough of us Jews got together a $1000, would you make it a Hanukkah story? involving… I Dunno… invasion by well-meaning teenage-eqv XTs trying to do their version of a “Peace Corps” summer assignment?

    I’m thinking they build factories to mass produce printed meat not-turkeys to be given away free during Yuletide and thereby triggering lawsuits by Big-Retail-Big-Meat

  6. My favorite improv group makes songs from hints thrown out by the audience. Do you want us to throw you a bunch of story seeds?
    I’ll start: Krampus’ workshop.

  7. What a wonderful idea! Locus was so important to my husband as a kid; it’s feels delightful to support them. Thank you!

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