A Sincere But Scatterbrained Christmas Card

If for some reason you cannot read it, it says: “I was on deadline and forgot to buy Christmas cards, Please have a wonderful holiday and a tremendous 2023 anyway, Your bestest pal, John Scalzi.” And I mean every word.

— JS

17 Comments on “A Sincere But Scatterbrained Christmas Card”

  1. One year I sent a select group of people a single, individually wrapped slice of American cheese as a holiday greeting.

    Yes, it was an inside joke, yes, explaining it would ruin it. Just pointing out that you could do worse.

  2. Anonymole:

    I don’t know what those are and I suspect they aren’t on topic for this post anyway, so, don’t know and this isn’t the comment thread to discuss them in any event.

  3. I’m worrying my Christmas cards as I write this. There are twelve days of Christmas. I never get mine there by Christmas. Joy Noel!

  4. Just got my card & letter out in the mail yesterday. I’m usually late so I go for “End of the Year” greetings and skip Christmas.

    Love your card here, it’s a keeper.

  5. I think it’s a perfect Christmas card. And same to you and your lovely family, beasts included.

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Krissy, and Athena. Oh, and all the various fuzzy Scalzi pets as well.

    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of good food, family, and joy.

  7. I WAS having trouble reading it since I had my eyes dilated for an eye examine this morning so thanks for the translation.

  8. I do retaliatory holiday cards– I send one when I get one… meaning I send a lot of cards out in early January(!)

    This year I’m using cards by the wonderful Georgia Dunn of Breaking Cat News. It’s kind of amazing being able to do that instead of getting the cheapest cards available at Walmart (at post-holiday sales the year before).

  9. Years ago I received a Christmas card from a friend in February. She wrote: “Boy, am I running late this year!”