I’ve told this story before, but it’s worth telling again: When Athena was very small, she didn’t know what day was her birthday, and the way she found out was by us bursting into her bedroom in the morning with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to her. Well, she knows when her birthday is now; nevertheless we carry on the tradition of the morning cake and candles. I’m pretty sure she enjoys it.

I’ve also said this before, but again, it bears repeating: I really like my kid and I’m glad I get to know her. She is genuinely one of my favorite people in the world. I don’t suspect this comes as a surprise to any of you by this point.

Happy birthday, Athena. I love you.

— JS

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  1. Happy Birthday Athena!
    I can tell that your parents love you very much.

    It can be awkward having a birthday this close to Christmas, do you get both birthday and then Christmas presents? My grandson, Daniel, has exactly the same problem.

    Best wishes and Happy Birthday,


  2. Happy Birthday Athena. In this world that can shovel on stress to us all, it’s great that you have a family that loves you so much. Enjoy today, but keep the celebration going on through the weekend. You deserve it.

  3. It is indeed one of the universe’s greatest gifts to genuinely like, as well as love, one’s offspring. I hope the feelings are reciprocal.

    Happy Birthday, Athena! from a random stranger on the internet….may you have many more.

  4. Your kid is pretty fabulous, probably a function of good parenting.

    I know that is what I am going to claim when my daughters are her age (disavowing any responsibility during these early teenage years, not when I can blame Bubbleguppies and PeppaPig)

  5. Birthday greetings, Athena. I look forward to your continuing posts. Have a great year.

  6. Happy birthday! I hope the following year brings you joy, and more exotic food packages.

  7. I just tripped over this…


    “….Off-camera, too, Horne and his colleagues have cultivated a thoughtful, supportive culture. Josh Widdicombe became a father while shooting. One day he arrived at his dressing room to find a task on the table. The envelope was addressed to his newborn daughter. Widdicombe opened the task and broke down in tears. It read: “Have the best life. Your time starts now.” …”

  8. I hope you had a great birthday! You are definitely loved. BTW, that is a beautiful picture of you.

    Hopefully you didn’t get combination presents. (I arranged to have my birthday on the third, so it isn’t an issue for me. Alas, I usually have Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner still.)

  9. Happy Birthday Athena! I have a son who was born on Thanksgiving (and also turned 24 this year), so I know holiday/birthdays can be challenging. Like your father, I am delighted to know my children and I am equally delighted he has allowed us to get to know you. Wishing you many good things in this next year!

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