Whatever Best Of 2022: Athena Edition

Athena ScalziHello, everyone, and welcome to this year’s “Best Of” for my contributions to this site! I didn’t start posting this year until May, so I have slightly less content to choose from in terms of favorite posts of the year, but here’s a few of them:

Unlike my dad, who did his alphabetically, I did mine chronologically. Also unlike my dad, who picked out twenty posts for this piece, I only have eight to present to you. While I could’ve picked a few more posts to get the list to at least ten or fifteen, I didn’t want to put anything on this list that I didn’t truly believe deserved the title of “Best Of”. So while there’s only eight, just know that I put my posts through a rigorous test to get them here, so these really are the best in my mind.

And I hope you enjoy/enjoyed them! I know I enjoyed writing them.

I’m very excited to write even more in the coming year! This year, I definitely slacked on putting content out, and I didn’t post nearly as often as I actually wanted to, but I’m hoping to provide even more good stuff in the near future, so stick around! And have a great day.


11 Comments on “Whatever Best Of 2022: Athena Edition”

  1. I’ve enjoyed your posts of 2022. Now that you will be posting more, I look forwards to seeing what you share with us in 2023. Not just experiences of what you try (recipes, restaurants, media, etc…) but you’ve been kind enough to trust us with sharing your life decisions. Jobs, directions to try, thoughts on the subject, … :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful 2023.

  2. Enjoy your posts. And THANK YOU for that pumpkin spice coffee cake recipe – I’ve made it at least 6 times! Everyone loves it!

  3. I can’t wait to see more of your writing in 2023! I really enjoyed your travel series, and hope you have a chance to do more of those. Your adventures with complicated dessert recipes are also a delight, I’m very much a “make the same basic thing until it falls apart” person so I read those as a voyeur rather than an actual cook. Oops, you forgot bizarre specialty ingredient #14? That would absolutely be me.

  4. I always love seeing your name show up in my RSS feed but I will admit that I love the posts that are personal to you the most.

    I think the posts of yours that I have enjoyed the most this year are your travel ones and the posts where you talk about your struggles and successes.

    And if you’re ever back in the Atlanta area, I’m happy to play tour guide and show you some of my favorite restaurants and sights. :)

  5. I liked the travel posts a lot. Also, I’m curious whether you have watched any other seasons of Stranger Things, or if there are any other series or movies you want to write about.

  6. I tried one of your recipes. I believe it was the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I, of course, used sugar free chips and yogurt butter. Because I’m weird.

    Keep going, Athena. Happy New Year’s.

  7. I’ve enjoyed your posts about travels and cooking. They’re enjoyable and entertaining. But for me, the ones that stand out are your musings about your “struggles and successes,” as Kara put it. These posts make me think: about what I would do, what I’ve done right and (probably more often) wrong in my seven decades, and how to deal with problems such as lack of motivation (yep, that’s me). I appreciate your openness, and salute your courage in posting about subjects that aren’t always upbeat. Thanks, and I look forward to more of your musings in coming years.

  8. I like your different kinds of posts for different reasons, but like others I admire your honesty and openness when you post about your personal struggles. I very much look forward to reading more from you!

  9. you’ll find your voice… maybe soon identify a career that will make you happy to wake up in the morning and contentedly exhausted at day’s end…

    lucky for you there’s resources most of us did not have when we were your age… the web being something so science-fictionally outrageous nobody came close… though there was “A Logic Named Joe” and a bunch of stories grasped onto a sliver here or there…

    I could make jokes about steam-powered computers that required constant shoveling of coal to keep ’em up ‘n running… yeah that long ago…

    you ought to read up on Hemingway’s notion of first million words ought be burned or some approximation… so the faster you are in getting through that 10^6 words, the better… so just keep writing everything you think about… pebbles, stickers, cats, books, sex, food, leaves, dogs, snow… you have voice-to-text… why not just make up a conversation where you are both people in an argument…? god knows we all do that…

    for sure you could write about all the well-intentioned advice from utter strangers making you nuts

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