But Wait, What About the Scalzi Pets?

Some of you were outraged I didn’t post my favorite photos of the pets yesterday along with the humans. That’s because I was going to give them their own post!

First, Zeus, who is gone but definitely not forgotten.

Next, this adorable two-fer of Sugar and Charlie. They are cuddlebuddies, when Charlie isn’t being a complete jerk and chasing the kitties about the house.

Here’s Spice, looking regal.

And Smudge, being, well, Smudge.

All the pets wish you the best for 2023. Yes, even Zeus, in the next of his nine lives.

— JS

11 Comments on “But Wait, What About the Scalzi Pets?”

  1. I suspected you would do this.😁
    I hope 2023 brings all the Scalzi’s joy and happiness.
    Thank you so much for the enjoyment your writing, pictures and music have brought me since I started following you in 2006.

    It is very much appreciated,


  2. Happy New Year to the Scalzi family and pets from me and the Barks Bunch. And the various cats and tropical fish.

    I’d post a picture, but there doesn’t seem to be a way…

  3. yup, Smudge

    he can’t choose just one evil act, he’s plotting a ploy to inflict three at the same time

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