Happy New Year!

We rang it in, literally.

(I did a poll on Twitter asking if I should ring the church bell at midnight. 91% of respondents said yes. So…)

— JS

19 Comments on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year all you Scalzis, both human and animal! I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures! May 2023 be a wonderful year for you all!

  2. Just one bell? I guess you can’t ring changes.

    Happy New Year! Five more minutes where I am. Everyone is already in bed, though.

  3. That’s a loud bell – we heard it up here in Minnesota! (Okay, via Twitter, but still…)

    Happy New Year!


    tell me you did a Quasi Moto impression ala Marty Feldman in “Young Frankenstein”…

    OMG… with yr wife K doing the hair thing by Madeline Kahn!

    tee hee… much the way Mel Brooks drescribed script development process…

    “Little by little, every night, Gene and I met at his bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel. We ordered a pot of Earl Grey tea coupled with a container of cream and a small kettle of brown sugar cubes. To go with it we had a pack of British digestive biscuits. And step-by-step, ever so cautiously, we proceeded on a dark narrow twisting path to the eventual screenplay in which good sense and caution are thrown out the window and madness ensues.”

  5. I love that even then, at the stroke of midnight, you were slugging back a Coke Zero while Krissy and Athena enjoyed a cup of cider.

  6. Well, that is cool. If I owned a church with a bell, I would probably do the same.

    On a side note: having never heard you before, I expected your voice to be somewhat deeper.

  7. I hope that I just saw the beginning of a tradition. May be you could also do it on the 4th of July. That would be cool.

  8. Sad to say, my cable company (Cox) disappointed me when they lagged 40 seconds behind reality and the gaudy ball descending in New York City.

    We clinked our Champaign glasses, had our HNY toast, and then watched the NYC countdown. The same company powers our Internet and our clock times.

  9. I’m late to the party, but a great event in the history of the Scalzi family ~!!~ Good sound to the bell, seems like you got 2.7 gongs from that one pull.

    I’m with the other corespondents, though, you should have gone for 12 bongs…

  10. JS,

    You have just reminded me of Connie Willis’ “Doomsday Book”, where the bell ringing wasn’t ever really a happy occasion. Hope this new year goes better than both 1348 and the fictitious 2054.