What I Have Eligible for Award Consideration This Year, 2023 Edition

John Scalzi

Actually a fair amount!

Best Novel: The Kaiju Preservation Society, Tor Books, March 2022, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editor;

Best Novella: The Dispatcher: Travel By Bullet, Audible Studios, September 2022, Steve Feldberg, editor;

Best Short Story: “Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager” (April 2022) and “End of the Year PR Missives From Scrooge & Marley” (December 2022), both published here at Whatever;

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): “Three Robots: Exit Strategies” (May 2022), written by me and directed by Patrick Osborne, Episode One, Volume Three of Love Death + Robots, Netflix.

I think that’s it? I guess technically The Summer EP is eligible for a Grammy in a category or two, but let’s just say I’m not waiting up nights for that.

I have mentioned this before, but I suspect that this year will be an interesting one for science fiction awards because the Worldcon is taking place in China this year, and both that, and the so far lack of ability by any one in the US or western Europe to register for the convention, is going to have an impact on the Hugos and who and what gets nominated. I would not be terribly surprised to see substantially fewer English language works as finalists this year. This is in itself not a bad thing if it happens — a Chinese worldcon probably should have Chinese work represented in the finalist lists — but I do think it’s a thing for Anglophone writers to keep in mind for this year.

In any event, if you’re nominating this year, this is the stuff of mine to keep in mind. Thank you!

— JS

6 Comments on “What I Have Eligible for Award Consideration This Year, 2023 Edition”

  1. Just finished The Dispatcher: Travel by Bullet. Awesome! Love Zachary Quinto’s excellent narration of these books.

    Good luck with all your nominations!

  2. Is there anything in the rules for BDP-Short that excludes a musical album from consideration?

  3. huh… you’re gonna need another shelf if (when?) you win… better anchor it well… those trophies are heavy…

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