For Your Consideration: “My Year of Dicks”

John Scalzi

My ridiculously talented pal Pamela Ribon, who came up with me in the (now very) old school “Online Journals” community, and has made a name for herself writing novels, humor, television and some animated films you have heard of, has an animated short titled My Year of Dicks, which follows a teenage Pamie in her quest to lose her virginity in early 90s Texas.

It’s as funny and awkward as you might imagine, and it’s done pretty well for itself, including making it to the Oscar Consideration Shortlist for Best Animated Short (i.e., the penultimate step before the actual list of nominees, which will be announced later this month). It’s now available for viewing online (I’ve embedded it above), and I really suggest giving it a look, as it’s delightful, and I’m super proud of my pal, and everyone involved with it.

(Also, if you happen to be part of animation wing of the Academy: Hey, give it some consideration for your final ballot, please and thank you.)

— JS

8 Comments on “For Your Consideration: “My Year of Dicks””

  1. Congratulations on piquing my rss feed with a headline that implied that you had a year of dicks and moreover it may have been this year.

  2. I think any father who has a teenage daughter should take the opportunity to view and appreciate this short. You may frequently cringe, but the insight is worth it.

  3. As a Screenwriter, it shall be my honor and pleasure to give Pamela Ribon and My Year of Dicks highest marks. Thank you for showcasing her work. She’s a keeper.

  4. Thank you for the pointer to that film. I enjoyed that. Loved her selection of animation style and the story was nicely done. Teenage awkwardness, humor, etc…

    Hope she and her team get the win in their category.

  5. gonna watch it, sure

    initially mine assumption was you were going to list various ‘n sundry arsewipes — #DarthMusk, T(he)rump, Vlad Putin, et al — along with reasons to deem ’em the worst humans of 2022

    but please consider a “2022 Worse Humans List”… the award being a shiny roll of toilet paper all sparkly due to being broken glass encrusted

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