Spoiler: It Wasn’t a Tornado, It Just Looks Like It Was

You may recall that we purchased the house next to The Old Church, which was in poor repair, with an eye toward bringing it down and doing other things with the land. Today was the day it was torn down; here is the wreckage. It will not, I promise, be there long. But while it is there, it certainly looks dramatic.

— JS

17 Comments on “Spoiler: It Wasn’t a Tornado, It Just Looks Like It Was”

  1. This is like the exercise where you give some student writers the same photo and ask them to write a story based on the image. For me, I’m thinking, “…as the years past more of the old world crumbled around us. Our parents told us of these houses and all it entailed…”

    Great photo and angle. Wow, it is apocalyptic. You definitely take the idea “it’s a new year, out with the old…” to an extreme. “Tear it down! We shall rebuild!!!”

    Can’t wait to see what comes next there. Keeping it open or putting up a new structure?

  2. I’m sure it was satisfying to see it being torn down. Especially if you have plans for the property.

  3. As an refugee from Ohio, I have to say the trash piles are much more scenic than they used to be.

  4. Other uses:

    Flying car landing pad
    Pot greenhouse (if legal in OH)
    Solar panel array
    Kaiju nursery (if local zoning permits)
    ice skating rink
    more lawn
    a shubbery
    Coke Zero strategic reserve

  5. A shrubbery!

    “Bring me a shrubbery! One that looks nice… And not too expensive.”

  6. I grew up on a farm near Bradford. There were a few family events that happened in that church. Including a few relative’s funerals. I’m glad to see the church and property being put to some new use. Thanks!

  7. Were deconstruction techniques used to recycle materials, or did someone just knock it down with a bulldozer?

  8. Oh .. I forgot another memory .. after my aunt’s funeral there in that church there was served a typical meal for those relatives attending. The meal was very good with home cooked items. Some food item was apparently not prepared well in that many people attending, including ME, came down in the middle of the night with a major case of what must have been food poisoning from something like the chicken and noodles! Ah memories in that old church!

  9. I would just point out that at this time of year, tornados only really form in Ohio during really impressive blizzards. So a storm that crazy would have been the lead story. :)

  10. huh… ought post a notice to neighbors… free fire wood… it would be 90% gone in 2 days… I hope someone scavenged the metal bits… be a shame foe a couple tons of the stuff to go to waste in landfill

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