A Slow Day at the Scalzi Compound

Sugar speaks for the entire household today; it’s been a day of a whole lot of nothing. Part of that is due to at least one member of the clan being under the weather, which necessitated a lot of rest, and everyone else just going along with the vibe. Don’t worry, we’re all fine, it’s nothing that doing nothing won’t fix, probably. I think of it as taking an advance on the weekend, is all.

How was your Friday?

— JS

8 Comments on “A Slow Day at the Scalzi Compound”

  1. Pretty awesome here, although it’s Saturday already. Warm and sunny, chicks about to hatch any minute and I’ve just pre-ordered the new Dispatcher book :-)

  2. Holy cow – it’s Friday? How did that happen without me noticing? And why is it always later than I think it is?
    Take your vitamins, rest up, and enjoy your long weekend.

  3. I had a fairly productive working Friday, thanks for asking. Details aren’t important (and would likely bore any sane person to active nausea), but I feel satisfied with what I accomplished.

    I strongly support getting plenty of rest when one is feeling poorly, and if the rest of the family wishes to relax in solidarity, I am completely in favor of that. Sending hopes for a speedy and smooth recovery.

  4. I read, determined to finish book 2 of the new year. Meanwhile, some of my friends are 7 to 10 books in. I really don’t know how they read and digest that amount of reading. It hurts my head to think about it.

  5. meanwhile over on http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2023/01/make-up-a-guy.html

    someone posted a lovely bit of snark: “Currently waiting for a strossGPT to write some Laundry-prequel short-stories, as Charlie seems pretty much out of the short-story business :-)”

    not to be outdone, here’s my reply:





    …and of course heinleinGPT

    problem being too small a data set for any of those… likely needs fifty-plus full-length books as leaving for the only opportunity to automate short story crafting is the asimovGPT and many current day readers have moved on from the Foundation Saga… whereas if it wrote robotics stories that would qualify as either simulated narcissism and/or virtualized masturbation

    (mayhap better to term those stories as virtualized narcissism and/or simulated masturbation ?)

  6. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. ;-)

    My Friday was nice and relaxing. Laundry day, in a break from all the rain cleaned one leaf-clogged portion of my gutters, talked a non-techy friend through setting up her new router and lastly playing my latest addiction in computer gaming, Grounded. Ahh, I love Fridays! (I’m retired.)

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