Meanwhile, These Two Buttheads

Smudge and Charlie were playing around this morning, and at one point, Charlie was playing in a manner I thought was maybe a little too rough, so I told her to back off. She came up to me to apologize, at which point Smudge launched an unprovoked attack on her butt. So I said to Charlie, “You know what, forget what I said, go eat the cat.” Charlie then gleefully rejoined the fight against the surprise-butt-attacking feline. Life at the Scalzi Compound on early Saturday morning.

— JS

10 Comments on “Meanwhile, These Two Buttheads”

  1. there’s your next epic trilogy…

    a well-intentioned nerd uplifts cats and dog and parrots to full sentience but they get into a three-way, low grade conflict over who gets first choice on cuddling ‘n grooming by humans…

    of course the parrots have airborne superiority… right up to the following week when the cats figure out how to launch hang gliders off the garage roof…

  2. Nothing really to say, except like the others, I laughed and laughed. That’s a great little view into your world.

  3. Our cats like to wrestle but the dog generally wanted no part of it. I did get a kick out of one time she was feeling ornery and chased a cat down the hall, only to come flying back into the living room with both cats hot on her tail. Real Han Solo energy.

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