Family Portrait, WWII Style

John Scalzi

In this photo you will see, from left, my great uncle Roy, my grandmother Jean, and my grandfather Mike. This would have been taken during World War II so my grandmother and grandfather would have been in their early 20s, which makes this officially the youngest I’ve ever seen them in a photo. The photo was sent to me by a relative who guessed I would appreciate it, and they were right, I do. I especially appreciate the picture of my grandmother, as I have fewer of those than I do of my grandfather, and I have almost none of those. Also, look at the way she’s looking at my grandad. That’s a definite “admirin'” look, there.

One thing this picture confirms for me is how very little of my looks I’ve received from the Stannard/Scalzi side of my genetics. I look nothing like either of my grandfolks, and very little like my father, whereas my mother and I look rather a lot alike, as do Athena and I (she got Krissy’s height, hair and attitude, which, honestly, is a good division). It’s my sister Heather who carries the Stannard/Scalzi look, and her kids sort out about 50/50 on the matter.

What I get from that side of the family is a quick wit and a certain stubbornness, which I admit, has been more useful to me in life than my looks. So thanks, Mike and Jean, for that.

— JS

14 Comments on “Family Portrait, WWII Style”

  1. Was this photo originally taken in color or has it been colorized?

    All my photos from that era are black and white (sepia).

    It looks amazing.

  2. I love seeing these old photos. I’m the genealogy buff in my family, so I end up collecting all these, and have “fishing lines” out to family, if they find any old photos like this in their attics and basements.

    I hope this photo brings you and your family oodles of happiness in the future!

  3. I actually see a lot of resemblance between you and your grandfather, John. Thanks for sharing (and, nicely colorized).

  4. “Persecutus est eam usque dum comprehendit eum.”

    (“He chased her till she caught him.”)

  5. I have exactly two pictures of my grandfather serving in WW2 ( Lt. Col. Royal Scots, one is a photo with my grandmother and one is an actual regimental painted portrait!) and he’s cutting a dash, but, John, your grandfather has cheekbones for days!

  6. Maybe it’s down to interpretation but I see a resemblance between you and your grandmother, particularly the nose and around the eyes.

  7. Great picture. Your grandmother looks terrific.

    My favorite WWII picture is of my father, not yet 20, in full Highland regalia (apparently he was quite drunk) in a studio picture while on leave in Edinburgh.

  8. Great photo! I also had an Uncle Roy who was in the WW2 Navy, and we have a wonderful picture of him and his younger brother — my dad — in their uniforms and sailor’s caps.