Happy Lunar New Year!

Athena ScalziHey, everyone! I just wanted to come on here real quick and wish y’all a happy Lunar New Year!

Today, I celebrated with my friends by exchanging red envelopes, making paper lanterns out of construction paper, wrapping spring rolls, and I even tried making Tang Yuan for the first time! Specifically I made these black sesame filled ones.

The spring rolls were really yummy and crispy, and the dessert I made was like super chewy mochi with sweet sesame filling oozing out. I actually didn’t end up making the ginger broth with it because I forgot about it entirely! But that’s okay because I don’t particularly like a strong ginger flavor anyway.

Happy Year of the Rabbit!


6 Comments on “Happy Lunar New Year!”

  1. Happy Year of the Rabbit!

    (The ginger syrup doesn’t have to be strong. It’s easy enough to reduce the amount of ginger. I find it helps to reduce the cloying sweetness the dish can have. Or alternatively, use less sugar overall. These days I tend to find most desserts to be too sweet for me anyway.)

  2. Happy New Year to you! I had a bowl of chicken and leek dumplings for lunch. Definitely NOT homemade. ;-)

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