“My Year of Dicks” an Oscar Nominee!!!

It had been on the shortlist (i.e., the step before actual nomination), but as of this morning’s Oscar nomination announcements, it’s officially a nominee. Which means Pamela Ribon, my friend who wrote its screenplay, is also an Oscar nominee!

This is genuinely the best news of the day, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not every day that an actual friend and someone whose work you’ve enjoyed and admired for years becomes an Oscar nominee. She’s worked hard for years to get to this moment and deserves every single bit of it. I’m so proud of her I could plotz.

— JS

6 Comments on ““My Year of Dicks” an Oscar Nominee!!!”

  1. Very happy for her. Thank to your link earlier I watched her film and really enjoyed it. Wishing the best for her in this.

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