The Kaiju Preservation Society Out in Paperback Today

John Scalzi

And what a lovely trade paperback it is, too. It doesn’t look too much different from the hardcover, with a only a few graphic design changes to push a review quote, and to announce the book’s NYT bestseller status (thanks for that, folks, by the way). If you want to pick up this version, it’s available at pretty much any bookstore that sells science fiction.

If you still want the hardcover edition, it’s still available, but you might want to put near the top of your “to do” list, since once the paperback version of a book comes out, the hardcovers stop being printed and become increasingly scarce.

Let me reiterate how happy I am this book has done so well out in the world. It feels very much like the right book at the right time, both for me as a writer, and for quite a lot of readers. I hope people continue to find and enjoy it. And I think the people who find it and love it will probably find a lot to like about Starter Villain when it comes out in September. I’m looking forward to folks catching up with that one.

— JS

8 Comments on “The Kaiju Preservation Society Out in Paperback Today”

  1. It was fun hearing you read a passage from The Kaiju Preservation Society when you visited Iowa City last year.

    I hope you’ll drop by this way again when Starter Villain comes out.

  2. When you do your next book tour, please consider coming to either Park Road Books or That’s Novel Books in Charlotte, NC. I know you do Raleigh. I just can’t drive that far since my TBI.

  3. The hardcover and ebook came out in March of last year.
    To me, 10 months from hardback to paperback seems like quite a long stretch.

    Do you know if this is an industry trend or if you or the book itself is in a unique position?

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