Housekeeping Note For Big Idea Pieces, re:

John Scalzi

This is a small thing but worth noting: Inasmuch as is taking over sales for starting March 1, I’m going ahead and making one of the default bookseller links for the Big Idea pieces, along with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Powell’s. Existing Indiebound links will stay in place (because I am lazy and there are hundreds of Big Idea pieces in the archives), but moving forward it’ll be taken out of the default link list. I’ll be updating information here to reflect this change.

Also a reminder that the sales links at the end of each Big Idea piece are not affiliate links and that I don’t make any money off them; they’re there for your convenience. Don’t ever feel obliged to use them for my sake or the sake of the site, especially if there’s a local bookstore you prefer to give your money to. But if you’re so excited reading a Big Idea that you just can’t wait to buy the book, I want to make sure you have options.

— JS

5 Comments on “Housekeeping Note For Big Idea Pieces, re:”

  1. I was just thinking about how it would be cool if you also had a link to either the Goodreads link or even better the Storygraph link (Storygraph – founded by a black woman); as well as the purchase links.

    My to-read list is so long and includes 150+ physical books already in my house – it might be a while before I get to the books mentioned in your Big Ideas. But I’ll get to them hopefully someday! So having a link to a book tracker would be great…

  2. Hah, yes

    I didn’t really think through that you are manually finding the sale links to add to your posts. For some reason I guess I thought those links were automagically populated

    Maybe I’ll just start to add comments to your Big Idea posts with links to the GoodReads and Storygraph pages

    (’cause I’m lazy too)

  3. Might be a WP plugin that could handle adding links to goodreads/storygraph/etc. As for changing the links from indiebound to bookshop: if the rest of the URL is staying the same, and you have direct db access (some hosting services allow, others don’t) it’s trivial to do a string replace from ->

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