Krissy’s Office at the Old Church

John Scalzi

Slowly but surely things are moving along in the church renovations. Krissy has gotten herself a pretty fantastic desk set, and it’s been installed, and now she’s doing work in her new office space. She’s not entirely done decorating — that chair she’s in is temporary, and there are area rugs to come — but it’s functional now, which is a nice step. My office space you can see in the center right; I have yet to do any decorating at all, but that will come in fairly short order.

We have one last major bit of outside renovation which needs to be completed, involving capping a chimney; this has taken longer than expected because contractors are scarce on the ground these days and also it’s been winter (still is, although it was 62 degrees here today), but we have someone coming tomorrow to take a look. We’re knocking on all the wood that this will solve that problem.

But enough is done that we can get to work in here. It’s a nice space for work.

— JS

15 Comments on “Krissy’s Office at the Old Church”

  1. It’s a beautiful space. But it’s a shame to cover that lovely floor with rugs. I’m looking forward to see what else you do with the space.

  2. Elizabeth Mancz:

    Don’t worry, there’s more than enough hardwood flooring to go around.

    Lif Strand:

    I used a wide angle lens, and also, the space is huuuuge.

  3. Now that you are starting to move in, is there a time table on when you will reveal your illustrious plans for the space?

    Looks awesome, for sure.

  4. Dude, how many books do you need to sell in order to keep your family dressed in clothes without rips and tears?

    It is too cold outside to have your wife wearing such jeans

  5. Is this going to be your primary writing workspace or just your business space? (Or did you answer this before)

    I can see bopping back and forth, as the mood hits (pre-pandemic, I used to shuffle between cafes, the local library and home….)

  6. As a New Yorker who toiled for years working in cyber sweatshops and accustomed to 8 by 8 foot cubicles, I will not express my latent jealousy at all that floorage…

    …too late

    it is killing me not guessing correctly at you evil plans for the buildings… no paronara moats… no snakepits… no landing bay for low radar profile VTOLs…

  7. Mmm, all that beautiful hardwood.
    Also liking that black and white ottoman. I’m thinking retro Googie style?

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