Oh, Hey, A New Depeche Mode Song

“Ghosts Again,” ahead of their upcoming album Memento Mori, their first after the passing of fellow DM member Andy Fletcher. So, in terms of song and album, all too appropriate. Also, pretty decent song, in the late-era Depeche Mode style. The band had been about, in one iteration or another, for 42 years now. I don’t know that anyone expected that from Depeche Mode, not least the remaining members.

Aside from the obvious cinematic referents, I thought the video looked very much like an Anton Corbijn photograph come to life, so it was with absolutely no surprise that checking credits revealed Corbijn as the director. Some things you can just tell, after all this time.

— JS

7 Comments on “Oh, Hey, A New Depeche Mode Song”

  1. Won’t be able to say much until the album comes out, but already this track alone is better than all of SPIRIT (well, maybe not “Cover Me”).

    I’m just happy to have new Mode, but more importantly they sound fresher than they have in some time.

    Here’s to hoping they have renewed vigor like both The Pet Shop Boys and OMD have found the last few releasess!

  2. Love it, beautiful melody, deep lyrics, very haunting and solid single. So glad they continue!

  3. My hopes for the music of 2023 keep going up, hot diggity. I liked SPIRIT well enough (I think of it as their “angry at the world” album) but this really does sound like a proper return to form on the part of the ‘cheMode.

    We also get more Peter Gabriel, VNV Nation, and Battle Tapes (hopefully!?) among others. I’m so ready.

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