Stationery Haul Courtesy Of An Internet Pal!

Athena ScalziAn internet friend sent me an amazing package full of goodies, and I wanted to come on here and share a few of them with y’all.

We actually did a sticker trade, which was good for me because it prompted me to organize my sticker collection a bit and put things in my sticker binder and sticker book. Now, I’ve got even more great stuff for my collection!

First off, let’s talk about how adorable her packaging skills are:

An array of stationery items scattered across the table. There's envelopes full of stickers, pretty paper with matching envelopes, a colorful package tied with string, etc.

I mean how aesthetic is this spread! Basically, everything you see contains either sticker sheets, washi tape, or crafting supplies like pretty paper and envelopes.

Not to mention she handmade this oven folder to put sticker sheets inside of:

A folder containing sticker sheets that is made to look like an oven, with dials and a handle and an oven mitt, and the middle portion is clear like glass so you can see the sheets inside.

All the sticker sheets that were inside the oven laid out in rows. They're all food themed, one is coffee themed, one is bakery themed, one is all fruits and veggies, one is doughnuts, etc.

Also this candy bag packaging? So cute!

A bright yellow package that looks like a package of gummy bears, and says

But instead of sweets inside, there were these awesome sticker sheets:

Three food themed sticker sheets, ranging from baked goods, to ice cream, to drinks like milk, lemonade, and coffee.

Aside from all these sheets, there were a ton of individual stickers, too, like these adorable dessert ones:

Four dessert themed stickers. One is tiramisu, one is a cupcake, and the other two are strawberry cake.

As I mentioned, not everything included was stickers. For example, this grape soda on the end is a magnet!

Four boba themed stickers lined up next to each other, with a grape soda magnet at the right end.

These vintage style food ones are literally blowing me away, they’re just incredible:

Six vintage style food posters. There's a hot dog, ice cream, a hamburger, popcorn, coffee, and pancakes.

Funny enough, the pancake one is the sticker that started this whole sticker trade! I had commented on her post asking where she got that specific one, and she said a store I had never heard of because it isn’t around me, so we initiated a sticker trade and she so kindly included this set of stickers that I so love!

I know what you’re thinking, is everything food themed? Behold, plants!

Five sticker sheets, all of which are floral/plant themed.

Admittedly, there are some food items amongst the floral items on one of the sheets, but I assure you there is plenty of variety.

I mean just look at this postcard!

A California postcard showing tons of touristy spots throughout the state, plus the ocean to the left and all the surrounding states and Mexico.

This was just one of a few postcards, too.

As if handmaking the oven wasn’t creative enough, she put together this little booklet for me.

A smol, handmade booklet.

It lists different places in California to check out during my next visit!

A page of the booklet that says

It is genuinely so thoughtful and super cute, too!

While this is definitely not everything she sent along, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of these highlights. I’m very grateful for her generosity and kindness!

What caught your eye? Are you a fan of the food theme as well, or is a different style more your speed? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!


16 Comments on “Stationery Haul Courtesy Of An Internet Pal!”

  1. When I hear the word stationery, I think monogrammed and nicely colored pieces of paper along with coordinating pieces for additional pages and matching envelopes and address labels. Then maybe a stamp. Or a wax seal. All this l these stickers aren’t stationery. They are sticker collecting, a hobby.

    I’m not putting you down, Athena. I’m 1) demonstrating my age and 2) pointing out a generational difference. You are more than welcome to call them stationery. And they are cool.

  2. I didn’t think of sticker as stationary at first, either, and I consider my horizons delightfully expanded!

    These are fun–and I love the booklet.

  3. I started corresponding with my first penpal when I was 12 (and I’m still corresponding with a number of pals I made in my teens –ahem — years later! It’s a great hobby. Some pals like to get stickers, so I’ve collected some to send on to them, though I don’t collect them myself. But I love to put them on my letters. So happy you got a package of stickers from your exchange pal! Enjoy!

  4. Gen Y, didn’t blink at this being labelled stationery. Paper and adjacent categories, things that could potentially be used for letter writing or paper craft projects. Stuff you’d get from an office-supplies store. Interesting change!

  5. Boomer here. Definitely taken aback by stickers as stationery. But since you forced me to consider it, I see that stickers ARE stationery.
    Also, as a possible hoarder, I acknowledge that stickers are a lovely thing to collect, as they take up so little room.

  6. Cracking haul there! I’m in my 50s and have loved stickers for as long as I can remember. My favourites are a series that I pay an online friend to make for me, of all my guinea pigs past and present. Whenever a new piggie comes into my life, I send him some photos and he uses them to draw gorgeous little portraits that he prints as stickers, some with just the pictures and some with their names. I love having the reminder of my pets, and it gives my friend a bit of paid work every so often.

  7. Everyone has obsessions.

    Not everybody is willing to admit to ’em. The upcoming “Barbie” movie has brought forth an near-infinite number of articles (and related websites and books and conventions and informal swap meets and cosplayers) focused upon how that particular product has become a ‘niche of obsession’.

    Mazel tov, yours is stickers.

    Never mind writing an eight hundred page dry-as-dust academic tome — pronounced as tomb and as lacking in liveliness — please consider organizing that set of pieces ‘n bits wandering around your interest. If not a forever blog there is for sure enough out there for a limited series of ten articles assembling the various strands of what makes this interest in stickers both rewarding and affordable. After all you are not collecting one of every model of Porsche nor trying to hoard the world’s limited supply of Rembrandt paintings.

    You’ve expressed an interest in various aspects of what could be described as ‘anthropology’ if the definition of that soft science flexed to include mass market products alongside consumer trends. Those cookies you wrote about this month, restaurant reviews in prior months had some depth — sentence here or paragraph there — into motives and means and history.


    Working title ==> “Stickers: A World History In Ten Parts of Blog Snark”

    One of which ought be focused upon generational differentiation of “sticker” and “stationary” and “collector”.

    And yes I am being a pushy old fart. Just nod pleasantly as you push my wheelchair off the cliff the day Social Security is outlawed and I become too much of a burden upon you young folk.

  8. I collected stickers way back in the 80s, when they first started being thought of as….collectible, I guess? My favorites were the Grossman type, where you had very basic stickers that could be personalized and accessorized into entire scenes. With all the baked goods you have, I’d be very tempted to do some kind of bakery scene. These are certainly fun!

  9. I have collected stickers, rubber stamps, ink pads, colored paper, etc. that I have used in making fanzines and apazines. I will almost never pay “new” prices for these, so I would buy them at estate, garage, and rummage sales. Almost always, I’ve seen these types of things referred to as “scrapbooking supplies” in those contexts. Even though I haven’t had a scrapbook since childhood, that’s what I learned to look for to get cheap supplies.

    For some of the people replying here:

    “StationAry” means fixed in place.

    “StationEry means paper goods for writing, sending, making cards and other crafts, etc.

  10. I’m not a native southern Californian, but I’ve lived here more than 25 years. You know all the noise about In ‘n Out burgers? It’s what Porto’s deserves but never gets. It is spectacular if baked goods are your thing. (btw, I find In ‘n Out mostly meh as burgers go) Definitely try the ham & cheese croissants at Porto’s.

    So if that’s item one on your S. Cal itinerary, your friend is giving good recommendations.

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