New Books and ARCs, 2/10/23

This week’s stack of new books and ARCs is actually two stacks, heavy on reissues and limited editions. What here would you like to give to your valentine — or keep for yourself? Share in the comments.

— JS

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  1. A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine was brilliant, but I haven’t read A Desolation Called Peace yet – so that would be my pick!

  2. Those Stormbringer and White Wolf books look awfully thick for what I remember were somewhat longer novellas. I’m assuming they’re (re)collections of the stories. Either that or really good archival paper editions.

  3. I’m in for all 4 of the Moorcock books. I already have 85 Moorcock books, graphic novels etc. floating around, what’s 4 more, right?

  4. The hacker’s mind is a must read, I have been reading Schneier for over 25 years. He has been spot on concerning privacy issues in the world of Palantiri.

    He takes his talents and knowledge to areas beyond cyberland in this book.

  5. The Goblin Emperor- one of my new all-time keeper favorites! Such a lovely story in such an interesting world –And the audio is fabulous!

  6. I love The Goblin Emperor so much, I requested it in hardback for Christmas. Alas, it was only available in paperback, but this reissue looks like it might be a hardback? If so, hooray! I am also curious about A Hacker’s Mind (thanks to your Big Idea series, which is responsible for a lot of my book buys) but I think I might want that one on Kindle as it feels like something I would enjoy chewing over while I’m walking on the treadmill.

  7. I saw some of those Elric volumes at Barnes and they look so pretty. So tempting …

    “Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!”

  8. So pleased to see a hardcover edition of The Goblin Emperor. If any book deserves that sense of permanence it’s this one.

  9. For those who loved The Goblin Emperor, I thought I’d mention that there is also a tangentially related series based on one of the minor characters in it, Thara Celehar, the Witness for the Dead who investigates the airship crash that led to Maia becoming Emperor. So far there are two: The Witness for the Dead, and The Grief of Stones. The other book by Katherine Addison ( pen name for Sarah Monette ) is an alternate universe version of Sherlock Holmes called The Angel of the Crows.

  10. The elric was a favorite of mine in middle school, I’d like to re-read them. The Blood of Faeries has an intriguing title, so I’ll have to look it up

  11. The Blood of Fairies, I think. Lots of interesting titles. Do you have the ability to read all of these, and then the next batch? I love to read, but that looks daunting.

  12. Very pretty. Brings out the hoarder in me, just a bit. Maybe I should buy a church and fill it up with books.

  13. Good to see another hardcover issue of THE GOBLIN EMPEROR. I love that book; it sweeps me along from the first moment a confused eighteen-year-old is wakened in the middle of the night to learn he’s Emperor. I’ve read it an embarrassing number of times and will happily read it again.

  14. I need a hand with a couple of the books I can’t interpret from the photo:

    Title/author on the book above ‘Among Strangers”

    Title/author on the book below “Return to Glory”

    Agree with all that Goblin Emperor is a fine piece of work, loved all three of that series. A strange world she made up there.

  15. The book above “Above Strangers” is “Hummingbird Salamander” by Jeff Vandermeer.

    The other is “A Desolation Called Peace” by Arkady Martine.

  16. Michael Moorcock! where my nym came from.

    Katherine Addison build the world of the Goblin Emperor so completely that it feels like a glimpse into a courtyard in old Seville, where there is so much more just out of sight. Little references to tea shops—and teas—for example, so well known to the characters that they’re taken for granted. I, too have read this book so many times that I can’t count them; NOT embarrassed at all (as someone commented earlier). I love this book so much that I pre-ordered the next two books and enjoyed the return to that universe.

  17. @Tim

    ” they are graphic novel adaptations of the original.”

    No, they aren’t. They’re prose with illustrations. But not enough illustrations for any to show up in the Amazon sample pages.


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