A Lazy Sunday

Smudge has the right idea. I am aware there is the Super Bowl today, mind you. But I suspect I’ll end up following Smudge’s example.

— JS

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  1. This is a great day to go to Home Depot. You pretty much get the place to yourself. And it’s the only day of the year when Priuses outnumber pickup trucks in their parking lot.

  2. Silly boy has the right idea. I am already following his lead. I hope he and the scamperbeasts and Scalzi family are having a good day

  3. I googled “when is the super bowl” about an hour ago and was surprised that it happens today. I honestly didn’t know.

    Good thing I’m retired so I don’t have to act like I care in order to maintain guy cred.

  4. Yep. I’m ignoring it myself too. I can’t make heads or tails of American football. Soccer is more my style. Will probably continue my rewatch of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  5. Rick K, you can keep your guy cred if you fall asleep in front of a TV with the game on. At least I hope so, since I’m pretty sure that’s gonna happen to me.

  6. It’s Puppy Bowl XIX !

    Lots of football today. And since the Browns and/or Bengals aren’t in the Super Bowl (Ohio here), we’re rooting for the Eagles 🦅!

  7. I am enjoying the heck out of a lazy Sunday. I already know that work is going to be a marathon of frustration and very long hours this coming week, so having a sunny day to relax is pure gold.

    I am peripherally aware that there is some sort of sports-ball thing happening this weekend. I hope it is enjoyable for those who enjoy sports-ball.

  8. I agree with Smudge. Then again, I usually do. He is a rather intuitive feline. And I’m always hooked on a feline.

  9. Yesterday evening I watched the pregame show, and tomorrow I’ll watch the actual show.
    I’m referring to The Puppy Bowl, OBVIOUSLY.

  10. Many years ago, my other half and I visited Eden in Cornwall, UK; normally packed to the rafters with tourists. Except that we (by chance, I admit) went on the World Cup Final (think Super Bowl for soccer) day, so the place was completely empty. Definitely the time to go!

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