A Valentine’s Day Song For My Gal: “That Ain’t Bad”

What do you get the woman who has everything, on Valentine’s Day? In my case, you get her a song! More accurately, you go down to your basement music studio and bash out a quick-and-dirty version of the 1990 song “That Ain’t Bad” by the Australian band Ratcat. Why? Because it’s a fun song with a really catchy chorus! Their version is much better, mind you (and their video for the song features a very young Naomi Watts in it), but I’m not trying to make the definitive version of the song, I’m just trying to let my gal know I love her, yeah-eh-eh-ah.

Hope you’re having a nifty Valentine’s Day, wherever you are.

— JS

5 Comments on “A Valentine’s Day Song For My Gal: “That Ain’t Bad””

  1. I am indeed singing! And playing all the instruments! And by playing, I mean sequencing loops! Although I did actually make the guitar and bass loops myself, so there it is.

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