Charlie and Me, 2/15/23 (Plus a Very Vague Announcement)

John Scalzi

On one hand, the fact that today the temperature hit the upper sixties in Ohio in February may be a worrisome indicator of where things are going. On the other hand, it still was a beautiful day to hang out in the yard with the dog. So, you know. Take your silver linings where you may, I suppose.

And now, the very vague announcement: After consultation with my editor, I now know what the 2024 novel is going to be. Which is good because, hey, I should write it soonish if it is gonna come out in 2024. The funny thing is, I knew what my 2025 novel was going to be before I knew what my 2024 novel was going to be. It happens that way sometimes.

Aside from telling you that I know what my next two novels will be, I can’t really tell you anything else about them, because a) I really do prefer to have them written before I tell people what they are, b) if the last few years are any indication, plans might change whether I want them to or not. But honestly I’m hoping they won’t; that shit is tiring after a while, and I would be really happy for things to go to plan for the next couple of years, please and thank you.

It does mean, unless I fall into a hole/am consumed by a bear/some other unfathomable-but-hopefully-ironic fate befalls me between now and then, you will get at least two more novels out of me. After that? We’ll let the future take care of itself at that point. But at least through 2025, I’ll have a career. What a relief!

— JS

24 Comments on “Charlie and Me, 2/15/23 (Plus a Very Vague Announcement)”

  1. Not going to match your standards of vagueness here, SORRY. I’m glad that you’re writing and it’s more than likely that I will read whatever you publish.

  2. Thank goodness you have the next 2 years planned out. Who knows what sort of mischievous you could get into otherwise? (I’m sure your wife could tell us…) ;-)

    Anyways, glad you have your books planned out. Enjoy the creation process. But one question, if you can answer. You said that before you came up with your novel for 2024, you had the one for 2025 planned out… Soo, why didn’t you just have that existing idea for 2025 just be the book for 2024? Or is that one something larger and you need 2 years for it…? Just curious. No worries if you want to leave it as a mystery.

  3. From some reason on my first time through I read “editor” as “doctor” and this post suddenly became very dark.

    However, on a second read I see you wrote “editor” and I’m now less concerned about your mortality.

  4. As a completely off-topic comment – Isit my imagination, or do I see an electronic tracker (Tile ?) attached to Charlie’s collar?

    Tom –

  5. Take heart! If the writing things falls through (after a mere ~30 years at it), you can always try being a burrito spokesman.

    I’d prefer bacon spokesman, but the internet seems to have moved on.

  6. You and my husband! “I have great news! If I could tell you, you’d be really happy, but I can’t tell you yet.”

    Maybe by the time we’re all on the boat.

  7. Re: Possible Bear attack

    Please stay far, far away from Gail Simone in the next year. Says shes not a bear but wouldn’t that be exactly what an Ursine would say?

  8. Dear God,
    Please look over John Scalzi. Do not let him fall into a hole or be consumed by a bear. But if he must succumb to some other unfathomable fate, please at least let it be ironic.

  9. YES!!!!!!!!
    That means there is a very good chance I will get to read 2 more books by John Scalzi before the Cancer returns and I die!!!
    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Please do try to avoid being consumed by a bear. Falling into a hole sounds bad, too, especially if it is the type of hole that somehow would preclude you from completing a novel. That would just be a not-very-good hole, man, stay away from those.

  11. For everybody worried about bear – Scalzi encounters, please remember that John “kil’t a b’ar when he was only three” as the song goes. I’m sure he’s still got it.

    John, have you ever had an attack novel? One that demanded it be written, and to heck with what you had planned?

  12. I know your process tends toward one-draft writing, but how much work/noodling around do you do on the book-after-next in situations like these? Worldbuilding, character studies, plot outlines? Any of that? How much of it stays in your head vs. goes into a document?

  13. I probably won’t read those books either, but OP has the quality dog|cat content that keeps me coming back.

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