Hello, Savannah

I’m here for your book festival! Here are all the details. If you’re in the area, I hope I’ll see you this weekend. In the meantime: Look! A tree!

— JS

10 Comments on “Hello, Savannah”

  1. I will, in fact, be in the Savannah area this weekend, specifically for the book festival. So I will be seeing you.

  2. One of my favorite cities. I’d love to be in Savannah this weekend but, alas, it’s not in the stars.
    Enjoy your stay there!

  3. Enjoy Savannah, John. I’ve spent a lot of time there. Gorgeous city with a remarkable history. If you are a fan of Flannery O’Connor, you can visit her childhood home.

  4. I just checked the weather projections for Savannah this coming weekend… you ought to expect a 75% likelihood of light to medium powdering of cocaine so please keep your bear from snorting too much lest he get all worked up and chase you so furiously you fail to notice all those open manholes without safety barriers…

  5. @Aspen
    John may have been given a ground floor room and this is what he gets to see.
    The parking lot is probably just the other side of the shrubbery.
    And on the extreme left – is that? – yes, it appears to be a car!

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