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Athena ScalziHey, everyone! I’m back from my amazing week aboard the JoCo Cruise. And what a week it was! Per usual, it was full of friends, fun, and sun, as well as fantastic events and interesting ports.

This JoCo was my sixth, which meant I already had so many friends from previous years onboard to reconnect with, but I managed to make even more new ones, as well! Also, this year, I brought my cousin. It was her first cruise ever, and she totally loved it! It was awesome to see some of the same performers as last/previous years, but there were also some really awesome new additions that I was so totally stoked to meet. So my time was pretty full up with late nights of talking to friends, new and old, and my cousin, of course.

I honestly don’t have much else to report other than that I had a great time, and that I can’t wait for next year. But I did want to say an extra special thank you to those of you who came up to talk to me to tell me that you like my writing. Getting to chat with you all was really awesome, and I appreciate your readership and support so very much!

I almost wish I had some photos to post, but I generally never take photos on JoCo. I did manage to get this one, though, of a Shirley Temple on my favorite beach.

Me, with black nail polish on, holding a Shirley Temple in a glass, with a beach and the light blue clear water behind it, the cruise ship out of focus on the horizon.

Anyways, if you were on JoCo, tell me in the comments what your favorite thing was this year! And have a great day!


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  1. I was not on the cruise but so happy you all had a great time. I have to compliment you on that one photo you took. Honestly, this is like a marketing level pic. With room to toss in some words to sell the vacation package. Nicely done!

    Anyways, welcome back.

  2. Hey Athena! Tis I, your cabin neighbor. One of my favorite things was approaching people I vaguely remembered and really getting to know them this year. Even managed that with some people I met for the first time this year.

    But my absolutely favorite thing was getting pictures with Brennan Lee Mulligan, Aabria Iyengar, and Erika Ishii!

  3. a happy consumer tip for my non-Jewish friends… limited time product… Coca-Cola with sugar not fructose… it’s to pass inspection as kosher for Passover… it is okay to buy some but please leave 3.15% of inventory as reasonable sharing for my people…

    I rarely buy soda but always grab a couple half gallons since I can for sure taste the difference (not to mention my body feels less pounded upon for avoiding fructose)

  4. dang… got posted before I could type in… “Athena, you could do a blind taste test and write about it…”

  5. IF I were going to cruise, it would definitely be the JoCo. But I would wind up holed up in my cabin, because I can’t stand the humans. Plus I have pets and I would neither uproot them nor allow humans into the house to care for them.
    In keeping with my long-standing policy of suggesting work for anyone not ME, either you or your father should take us on this cruise with your words! :)

  6. I would love to see a write-up of what a JoCo cruise is like for those of us of who have never been on one. I have only been on Royal Carribbean and Disney Cruises so I’d like to know what differences are in one aimed at the geek culture rather than the well-off or families. Like what about the general vibe is different or the culture or the food.

  7. Not to be all “teacher’s pet” but your nerd prom was definitely a highlight. At that point I had decided I needed to prioritize the Sea View concerts, so I left something else that I had really enjoyed to make it to this. I danced right up front and was completely sober the whole time and felt free and happy. Thank you so much for hosting this!

  8. This was my first JoCo, and I’m very, very hard-pressed to single out a specific thing as Favorite. My days were packed full of awesome things, to the point where I had to jot quick diary entries to myself each evening to avoid losing pieces of everything I’d been involved in. If I’m allowed to go wide, perhaps “meeting people”, though that’s a summation of dozens (or hundreds) of moments and conversations over the course of the week.

    Speaking of which, it was a pleasure meeting you! (I was the tall fellow occasionally wearing a purple button-down shirt.) I’m glad you had a great cruise!

  9. There were far too many cool things on this cruise to limit myself to just one favorite. I loved Puddles’ main stage concert. And the escape room. And the murder mystery party game. And the beach & caves we explored on Virgin Gorda. And everything I did in San Juan. And the chill times in a pool or my cabana.

    It was just a really good balance of relaxation and activity and social events and challenges for my brain & my body. I somehow came home competely exhausted, but also refreshed. (Although I think I have a definite hatred for the Fort Lauderdale airport now. It’s the most uncomfortable airport I’ve been to in a long, long time.)

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