Appearance News: Cabinet of Wonders, April 7 8pm, City Winery, NYC

If you live in or near New York City and have a hankerin’ to see me live and in person, oh, boy, do I have news for you: I’ll be part of Wesley Stace’s monthly variety show, the Cabinet of Wonders, this April. I will be appearing alongside (deep breath): Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne), Dave Hill, Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Vicki Peterson (The Bangles), Queen Esther, Kim Richey, and of course, Wesley Stace himself, plus possibly some surprise guests along the way. I’m mildly croggled I get to hang out and perform with these folks for a night.

If you want to get tickets for this very fine show, here is the link. I suggest you get them as early as you can because as I understand it these tickets have a tendency to go fast, and also, as of this second, this is the only time I’m confirmed for an event in NYC this year. That could change later (we haven’t figured out any touring yet for Starter Villain), but right now, this is the only sure thing for me. Plus, you get so many other fabulous performers, for an absurdly reasonable price, I might add. See you there, perhaps!

— JS

6 Comments on “Appearance News: Cabinet of Wonders, April 7 8pm, City Winery, NYC”

  1. I saw your beautiful “cat break” artwork over on Twitter and before you identified it as Athena I was squinting at it and saying “Is that supposed to be Krissy?”

  2. Oh, if only I could go. I could pester both you and Wes at the same time and it would be glorious. Also, if you could get the $5 Wes owes me and give it to me at Balticon, that would be great, thanks.

  3. Oh, Kim Richey is the best! If you haven’t listened to her music before, do yourself a favor and get all her albums!

  4. Oh, Wesley Stace is a terrific musician and a great author (his book Misfortune is a favorite of mine). Along with you (and the rest of the line up), that sounds like a fantastic night!

  5. still avoiding crowds until such time as 90% are vax’d or the death rate falls below ‘killed by New York City bus’ rate

    but yeah this sounds like I’ll regret missing it