Brandon Sanderson and the Scalzi Award

John Scalzi

In addition to writing a book or two that you may have heard about, Brandon Sanderson does a number of podcasts, and in this episode of one of them, he talks about many things, including something that is called “The Scalzi Award,” which he, and only he, has. What is the Scalzi Award, and how did he come by it? Brandon tells the tale at 19:20 (it goes on for a few moments), and then the actual award itself shows up at 28:30, followed by another story, which involves me flinging coins at him. It is all true.

It should be noted that Brandon has, uh, done okay for himself in the time between the Scalzi Award and today. Which, honestly, is no surprise to anyone who saw him as he came up in the field. Aside from telling good tales that please large crowds of readers, Brandon has a work ethic surpassed by no one else in the field. This is why he’s now his own cottage industry and by “cottage” I mean “a warehouse full of Brandon Sanderson material, at which he employs literally dozens.”

So, yeah, he’s doing just fine. And I love that for him.

— JS

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  1. Very cool. Brandon has a great work ethic. I loved that video he did about his productivity during the plague…pandemic. What a goof.

  2. If I ever happen to be at one of your book signings, would you be willing to a sign a copy of Elantris for me?
    I asked Brandon once if he’d sign Old Man’s War. He thought for a minute and then then said, “I know John well enough. Sure.”
    I now have 2 new items on my bucket list.

  3. I desperately wish I liked Mr. Sanderson’s books, but I have tried several of them and they just don’t seem to catch me. I have DNF’d a couple of them but even the ones I finish I didn’t like enough to buy the sequel. Oh well, there are plenty of other writers out there.

  4. Hmm, so you’re saying there’s a clear Scalzi Award Bump someone could expect in their writing career? =)

  5. Really? A warehouse? At which he “employs literally dozens?

    Are you planning something similar with your church?

  6. my Caltech classmate [half a century ago] may well worry about the Killer B’s Award– fortunately there is no such raccoon dog.
    I no longer go to cons due to currently inoperable peripheral neuropathy; when I do go again, I’ll be that guy with the rabbinical beard, and walking with a cane
    Huey Long used to get applause at rallies when he boasted that attempts to indict him would not prevent him from running for President. He was assassinated, but we still quote his line: “Every man a king”

    — peace and beauty-quark-dibaryons

  7. @Hugh57 –

    It’s not letting me post a link here, but google “Dragonsteel warehouse” for information.

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