Friday Night Music: MaryLeigh Roohan

I met MaryLeigh Roohan on the JoCo Cruise, and I was told she was a musician and then she and I geeked out over Emmylou Harris, so I endeavored to look her up when I got back on land and had a decent internet. And, wow, is she ever a musician; this song “The High Wire” is heartbreakingly lovely. Check it out.

— JS

6 Comments on “Friday Night Music: MaryLeigh Roohan”

  1. Since you brought up music…

    I’ve found myself wondering whether or not you and Athena would do your own reactions (either separately or together) to Ren’s “Hi Ren”.

    But a few trigger warnings in that it’s emotionally intense, definitely deals with mental illness, and touches at least briefly on suicidal ideation.

    But it is, in my opinion, also simply amazing. So it’d be fascinating to see how the two of you responded to it, where there was commonality, where there were differences.

    And while it’s not either of your normal genres, actually seeing a mutual reaction video would be fascinating.


  2. WOW! Lovely voice and great lyrics- glad you mentioned her because now I can add her songs to my radio show!

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