How To Look Haughty, Featuring Spice the Cat

I mean, just look at that expression. It says “It doesn’t matter to me whether you live, or are thrown screaming into a thresher,” and it says it with style. Take notes, people. This is how it’s done.

— JS

13 Comments on “How To Look Haughty, Featuring Spice the Cat”

  1. “Why yes, I *AM Puss and I *AM just *THAT awesome. What are you going to do about it, you silly monkeys?!”

  2. “If he dies, he dies…. as long as some human fool is around to fill my food bowl.”

  3. Standard feature equipping all cats since time immemorial. I mean, just look at Bastet and the carvings of cats in ancient Egypt… 😂

  4. I generally feel that Spice is underrepresented here, and that is a great photo of her.

  5. We refer to that look as “I have to kill you now,” based on the Carla Ulbrich song of the same name.

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