“Researcher Wanted” Update

John Scalzi

Ten days ago I posted a freelance job listing for a researcher and I wanted to update everyone on the status of things there.

One, wow, I got a huge response and nearly 200 applicants, nearly all of whom (at a rough first glance) are ridiculously qualified. This is terrific and I thank everyone who applied.

Two, this also means I’m going to have to say “no” to more than 99% of applicants. If you end up being one of them, please know this is not because I don’t think you’re qualified or wouldn’t do a great job. I just don’t have the cash to hire all of you fabulous people.

Three, I’m going through the applications now and will try to make a selection as soon as possible. One complicating factor is that I’m traveling next week (to Los Angeles, for meetings and to participate in the LA Times Festival of Books), so that will probably cut into my evaluating time. Even with that noted, I expect to have a decision by the end of the month.

Four, if you applied and you do not hear from me by the end of the month, then I didn’t select you. I am sorry. But you remain awesome.

That’s where things are at the moment!

— JS

6 Comments on ““Researcher Wanted” Update”

  1. You have a lot of fans in the astronomical community; your books scratch an itch for them. Add in the idea of contributing to one of your books? Score!

  2. I am not surprised by the volume of applications you received! I know one of the applicants (for the o-chem part), and if their qualifications are typical of the kind of folks who applied, you do indeed have a whole lot of extremely well-qualified people from whom to choose. Have fun!

  3. I did not apply. I knew I wasn’t qualified. I also can’t be on a computer for more than 30 minutes at a time.

    Anyways, I think it is amazing there are so many qualified folk out there. Truly wonderful.

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