My New EP “How Far From Home Do You Want To Go” Is Out Now

John Scalzi

Sunday is not the usual day for releasing new music, but then it’s not like my homemade electronic stylings are a cog in a huge music company machine, it’s just me uploading stuff through Distrokid, so: Hey! Guess what! I have a new EP out today!

It’s called How Far From Home Do You Want To Go, and it’s five tracks of instrumental electronica, three of which, including the title track, I have released here on the site before. The two new tracks are “Parking Space (Instrumental),” which is a slowed-down, heavier instrumental version of the punk song Krissy and I released from our band OEMAA, and “No Matter Where You Go There You Are,” which started as a song I was going to put lyrics to (and still might, with different instrumentation), but in the meantime I had fun with making swirly and noisy.

These tracks are mostly mid-tempo, and mostly in the key of C Major primarily because that’s the default key when I open my music programs. I have to work on that. Be that as it may, I like this small collection. I inadvertently gave all the tracks a vague theme of travel-related titles and I just went with that; I think the piece generally fit together well, and not just because they’re mostly in the same key.

As I type this the EP is available on YouTube, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL; Spotify and all the rest of the streaming services will have it as soon as it goes through their process. You can also buy it (I priced it at $2.99, with the individual tracks at 69 cents, yes, I know, nice), but, honestly, for me, streaming is perfectly fine. Also, for the sake of convenience and ego, I’m embedding the entire EP as YouTube streams below. Enjoy!

— JS

7 Comments on “My New EP “How Far From Home Do You Want To Go” Is Out Now”

  1. For everyone who is concerned my musical stylings will get in the way of my day job, remember that I have a novel coming out in September, and actually will have something else coming out sooner, that I can’t tell you about yet. Stay tuned.

  2. Probably not (and not the other EP either) because I’m using Distrokid to distribute them and putting them on Bandcamp, which also serves to streaming services, presents issues with duplication in distribution. I’m sure there are ways around this but I’m not savvy enough to figure out how to deal with that yet.

  3. “No Matter Where You Go There You Are” ?

    Do I detect someone who saw “Buckaroo Banzai” ?

    Tom –