My Glamorous Los Angeles Experience

One day this will be me! Move over, Nunnally Johnson!

(He was a screenwriter, by the way.)

This trip to LA has been fun and interesting and I think fruitful so far, with lots of meetings about some cool things which may or may not ever come to pass, but no matter what people have been lovely and sometimes that’s enough. I have a couple more days in town, mostly focused on the LA Times Festival of Books, and then I will go home and, like, introvert for a month. This is the way of things.

— JS

9 Comments on “My Glamorous Los Angeles Experience”

  1. Sounds exactly like the life cycle of a networking scientist tbh 😂 hope the experience has been / will be fruitful and you can enjoy some relaxation and reflection at the end

  2. On his Hollywood Star, Nunnally Johnson appears to be a stick figure with an ear-trumpet and a chef’s hat (or possibly a slice of toast) for a head.

    Scalzi, when you get your star, make sure you get approval rights on the art.

  3. Can’t make LAT FOB again this year. Will miss seeing you. Thank you for continuing to support such a wonderful celebration of books.

  4. I’m convinced that this season’s amount of Kaiju in The Mandalorian were a nod to you, John. My book club discusses it tomorrow night. I can’t be there because I am still healing from surgery and outings are limited. Plus, I have no voice. Kind of makes sharing your excitement pointless. LOUD NOISES

  5. “lots of meetings about some cool things which may or may not ever come to pass…”

    Yeah, ok, be all mysterious and stuff and leave us wondering like “are they finally gonna…???”

    Drat you.

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